I really hate it when people say that ‘technology’ is going to ‘improve’ our ability to communicate. What does that mean. ‘Globalization’ and ‘coming together’, they drive me crazy.
 I mean despite this seemingly limitless number of ways in which to communicate and form meaningful professional and non professional relationships and opportunities to understand our ‘individualities’ (in ‘terms’ of elements that are common to all human beings and which result from particular psychological states, fear, hatred, love) we choose to communicate on a more impersonal level which includes social, cultural and political elements. Such elements prevent technology from being anything else than an extension of our ‘public’ individualities ( I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the term ‘public’ vs. ‘private’ personality. )

I mean the despite the fact that it exists in our homes and our pockets, technology, for some strange reason doesn’t make us feel ‘individual’. Therefore it’s not going to revolutionize ‘what we communicate’ (hatred, fear, emotions, etc.), only how we communicate it. ‘Our’ fear of ‘them’ (the good old ‘us’ vs. ‘them’) and our need to belong to a particular group (party, religious group, neighborhood, class) will not be erased by new technologies and it will not be replaced by it. People do not feel ‘global’. They still believe in their individual religions, social codes, etc.

‘Technological progress’ is a normal occurrence, but the danger is in our belief that our technological evolution can ‘sustain’ humanity without any significant interference from the social and psychological or other cultural sciences, arts, etc. I mean compare our developments in physics, electronics and engineering to our emotional and psychological development. Three hundred years ago we wanted to kill each other with steal balls fired from steal tubes. Today we want to kill each other with laser or microwave or wirelessly controlled supersonic rockets. Emotional and psychological progress. Zero. Technological progress. Hell yeah. Why doesn’t it bother anyone that we are still trying to use technology to kill each other. I don’t know.

I think that technology as an entity is not able to find a correct way to integrate itself into our society and into our emotional states, neither as a whole nor as a fragment. Especially because most ‘users’ fail to understand how technology becomes an extension of their bad behavior, think bad habits. More importantly, they fail to understand how their unhealthy perceptions of themselves and therefore the world come about. 

And there is no ‘magical’ and ‘obvious’ way to make it ‘the’ tool with which a particular social change can be achieved. Technology cannot make us better. We have to improve ourselves.

 We have to invest money and time into our psychological and emotional growth. It should be obvious that as long as we are trying to use technology to manufacture and improve weapons with which to kill each other we should not be investing in weapons research. Ironic. We should be investing into emotional research in order to determine what the hell is wrong with us and why we are investing into weapons when we are mentally unstable. It is a very good guideline, I think. It should be used by Washington, London, Paris, Canberra, Moscow. If they adopted the same guideline at the same time, they would see that I am not naive and that their fear of each other is created and perpetuated by their unhealthy psyche and that is not the fact that ‘the other side’ has the weapons, for the weapons have no mind of their own, the moment we abandon our fears and trust each other, weather the weapons exist or not will be irrelevant.

Technology is nothing more than an extension of our bad habits. Technology perpetuates them. It cannot change us. It is us. We have to change ourselves and then how we use technology will change. Do not blame a gun for being a gun. Blame us for imagining that we need it.


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