The word ‘weblog’ was coined by Jorn Barger, owner of the Robot Wisdom weblog. You can learn more about the meaning of the word by visiting his weblog.
Is there a formal definition of what it means to blog? Why is it that people like to blog. There must be a reason why one would want to share personal experiences with the entire planet.
They can be seen as a simple one way or two way communication device, however there are certain narrative properties about blogs which give them a form that could be compared to a general fictional narrative form. I guess the most obvious properties are the date and time stamp, the archives section and the fact that most users refer to their previous entries .
The question is, I guess, if ‘users’ create blogs because they need to define themselves for themselves (for. ex. they use their blogs to get more familiar with their own character, perhaps in a subconscious way by reading their own posts) or if they need to define themselves and present that to an ‘online’ community  (perhaps to feel a sense of belonging or a sense of purpose). Many users claim that their blogs are personal journals and truthful reflections. However, I think there are many elements that can be excluded or included and exaggerated or downplayed when ‘we’ write about ‘ourselves’. Assuming that the users want to be honest is not a proof of their ability to write truthful blog entries. I mean they know that their descriptions of ‘themselves’ will be read and that has to influence their mind and how they go about representing themselves. Perhaps all they do is change that first word that comes to their mind or they become aware of the importance of the structure of their sentences, punctuation, etc. and that changes the meaning of their original thought, therefore it changes the reader’s perception of who they are. What kind of effect the writers of blogs want to create, if any. I wonder.
And what if blog entries could be presented in a nonlinear fashion? Would they make sense? Would they be more realistic representations of their owners? Would they form a textual character?  I suppose such characters would be hard to ‘read’ and blogs would have less ‘obvious’ meaning, therefore they wouldn’t entertain the readers. But can they be a realistic representation of  ‘us’ if they need to be understood by everyone.
Perhaps blogs are our first (unintended and unrefined) attempt to bond with other human beings in a technological manner. We post ourselves, like we would a sign, into the cyber space and wait for other users to acknowledge our presence?


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