How do we know when enough is enough.  Can we develop a reasonable, fair, universal method which can determine what is a reasonable amount of money and resources to have. How can we determine what is enough. And likewise how can we determine when we can work more in order to achieve more and have more pleasant lives rather than being a slave to our bad habits (alcohol, coffee, smoking, TV, video games). Let us say you are a billionaire who can afford to do anything you can imagine. You can get any education you want. You can work in any industry or in any creative field. You can travel and do anything you want and you can buy anything you want. You want to go to the most remote regions of the world and explore them. You want to go to the most beautiful beaches and scuba dive and discover new worlds, you want to explore the highest mountains, you want to fly in airplanes, you want to sail around the world, you want to purchase latest technology and play with it. You want to buy cars and cameras and any equipment which you find entertaining and interesting and which stimulates your mind, imagination and gives you pleasure. You can own any peace of land anywhere in the world. You are a great scientist and you work hard and you make discoveries and you want to advance science and invest your money in your area of research. Or you are a great artist and you want to invest in the arts and schools and education and places which can promote the arts. You want to live and experience everything that the world has to offer. You want to be the greatest human who has ever lived. You want to experience everything that can be experienced and achieved. But wait. We have to ask a question, are they the things that make me a valuable human being. Why does doing what I want make me a better human being, or a valuable human being, or useful human being.  How can I enjoy any place and any activity in this world while there are people who are being killed by other people and while there are people without any food. The only way any one of us can want that life of a billionaire is if we completely ignore the reality and pretend that this is how the world has to be. We accept the fact that the world operates in systems and classes and that all of us belong to different classes and different systems and that we are entitled to and have the right to enjoy our wealth. What nonsense. Each one of us is responsible for the well being of all the other beings whose existence we perceive. The moment we decide to ignore this we fail as human beings. And we do decide to do this.  That is the reason why we are failing as a race. The scariest fact my dear reader is that I have no idea how to begin to resolve this problem. How do we determine what amount of money and resources is enough for one person to be happy. What is reasonable and rational.  I am so worried because I cannot see any answer to this question and because I cannot see anyone asking this question.  And I don’t know what to do. Do you. How do you deal with it. The problem is that there is nothing and no one that is making it a requirement for any of us to care about any other individual and unless we make it a requirement a large number of people will continue to suffer because there are so many who are suffering that it will take all of us before we can help everyone who needs help. And it will be a long time before all of us want to help anyone who requires help. And our natural ability to care, our sense of compassion is not doing a good job. Why shouldn’t we experience everything we can afford. And if one can afford anything one wants why shouldn’t one experience everything. I believe that the problem is obvious, but formulating a logical solution and presenting in an acceptable way so that the ones who do indulge can see it and accept it, is hard. So far it’s been impossible. It is obvious that indulgence means that one does not have to use his or her brain in order to think about the world and his or her place in it. The senses are overwhelmed and emotional and all other types of intelligence are reduced to nothing for there is no need to think outside the universe which you control and define.

The question which we have to ask is why do we need to be entertained. Why is that we are happier when we are not thinking about anything of any significance. Why is thinking hard. Why do we think that thinking and caring are hard to do. Perhaps the harder we work the harder we play. But why do we have to work so hard. Why do we have to think that if we own an empire we are a better human being, when the evidence suggests the opposite. We would not have to pay taxes and make donations if no people had to work in our own factories for a minimum wage, the people who cannot afford to take care of their own health, food, children. So if we want to help humanity, we do not need money. We need humanity. Instead of investing in shares, banks, technology, we need to invest in areas which develop humanity. We need to invest into our own humanity because as long as we don’t see the link between our own actions and inactions and how they affect the real world we will not be able to make the right decisions, for what is right for us is not always the right decision for the world. It is not what we experience and how much we indulge our senses that make us better human beings, it is what we do in order to discover, create and establish new ways to  share our humanity, emotions, feelings compassion with other human beings that matter. In order to do this we have to step away from our instincts and instinctive thinking. We have to use technology in order to explore and extend our humanity and not in order to satisfy our needs, for no one benefits from that, and especially not us, for we fail as a human being.

The theory of differentiation is my idea. I think that we define ourselves and our existence by developing a specific view of ourselves and the universe, and our place and purpose within it. How we develop this view and how we define ourselves is still influenced by our basic instincts and we are not aware of this process. We are not aware how and why we become violent, angry, unhappy adults with bad habits capable of killing our fellow beings, which just like us, want love, peace, and happiness above everything else. We all want love yet we kill each other and believe that if we find an appropriate justification for our dirty deeds we will find our path to the ultimate happiness. However, we fail to realize that because we imagine that our religious and social and political system are completely different from the individual we murdered any rationalization of violence is irrelevant for they are nothing more than our attempt to justify our act of violence and their existence has no effect on the opposing party. By inventing a system in which we can justify murder and torture we distance ourselves from fellow human beings thus we develop political and social systems which permit us to dehumanize fellow human beings so we can commit crimes against each other. Rather than being happy that we are different and that we can exchange views, ideas, objects, food, clothes, traditions, we allow our instinct, which is an undefined fear of anything that is unknown to take over and we develop irrational religious and political narratives in order to justify our actions which we never realized originated from our undefined, unperceived, unnoticed fear of the unknown, only it is no longer ‘unknown’. It is our fellow human beings that we are afraid of. It is them that we want to kill. We want to be richer than them, more beautiful than them, more powerful than them. Yet we fail to see that they are us for they have the same fear, in their eyes we appear to be different and just like us they want to prove that they have more money, that their technology is better, that they can win. We need to prove our value and we need to feel mighty and powerful and we need to be on the wining side, as a person, as a group, as a community, as a state, as a country, as a nation, and maybe one day if we encounter new alien life forms as a race, because we define our existence (physical and emotional and spiritual) by imagining that anything which is different must exist in opposition to us. For us this is the only way to perceive the world. It makes me think that our rise in consciousness must have occurred as a direct result of our highly evolved senses which continued to send more and more advanced and detailed perceptions of the world that surrounds us to our brain which had to select and focus on the most relevant elements. It seems that the most relevant method would be to determine threats to our being thus causing us to consider actions which would require us to perecive and assess our environment in order escape ore defend ourselves. Thus forcing to become aware of the fact that we are separate from our environment and the environment can be a threat. Thus rise in consciousness as a result of constantly overwhelmed senses. I don’t know. It is the instinct that’s enabled us to survive, however, it is no longer valid. The differences are no longer relevant. We must step away from our animal fear. Different skin color or language (sound) are no longer a threat.  All of us are equally valuable. Each nation is valid and valuable. What is the answer. The answer is total physical and emotional tranquility. We must realize that there is no real basis for violence, there is no need for violence. That is when we will realize that no violence can be justified and that is when we will realize that all books, scripts, texts, policies, practices, notions or anything which permit violence or which give any kind of permission to see any other being as less valuable than ourselves are working against us, against our own being for any other being is us. Total psycho emotional and physical tranquility can occur when we feel at peace with the world around us and with the world within us. That is when we exist on the threshold of the two realities. One reality is on the outside and one is on the inside of us, that is we are nothing more than the thinnest possible membrane. We have to see ourselves as a consciousness which exists between the two worlds but which is not in conflict with either of them. It is there to manage exchanges of experiences (what we see/outside and what we feel about what we see/inside, thus we would be constantly growing and changing that is our view of the universe would be growing and it would not be altered by fear and we would not have to limit our experiences because of other individuals). I would like everyone to imagine our body as a see through sphere, but not a glass sphere, rather a sphere that is made out of a see through skin. Completely open to any light or anything that can be seen or experienced or touched on the outside yet perfectly capable of holding its own contents within it. But the membrane is not there to hold or hide or keep the contents within the sphere. It does that but that is not its main purpose. Rather it is there to move us through the world so that we can experience and interact with everything that the world, indeed the universe, has to offer. So the membrane does not have any color. Anyone can see inside anyone. This would be the beginning of what I call the ultimate psycho emotional physical tranquility. Our bodies, bodies of other individuals, the rest of the physical world, united. I would not want anyone to imagine any one sphere as being separated from other spheres or from the universe, rather it’s a vehicle which moves experiences and emotions through the universe. It is the universe itself, or more specifically, it is that part of the universe which has realized itself, it has realized its own value, its own existence, its own beauty and it is not afraid of anything for there is nothing to be afraid of for it knows ‘the others’ as well as it knows itself for the others are nothing more than an extension of it and the universe itself. I think that if all of us could imagine this we would have a good start. There would be no need to perceive each other as anything else than a part of the universe. One endless space divided into many different experiences.  The theory is to develop steps which would help us to free our minds so that they can become clear, see through vehicles which would permit us to absorb and interpret and care about others’ feelings, needs and wants, without any fear of losing our own identity. I believe that humanity needs this. I know that I need this but it is hard to achieve. I know that it might never happen for me but at least I realize I need it. I realize I need to care about all human beings.


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