Perceiving, with our own senses and intelligence, what the world is about is what is important. Deriving information from many different sources without assessing it and determining if it is  true is not the right thing to do. Agreeing with everyone because it is easier than thinking on our own is not the right thing to do.  We must step out of our area of expertise, whatever it is, and we must try to determine, imagine and analyze the consequences of our actions and inactions. The world as we know it exists because many different systems, all of them developed by us humans, interact in order to create a higher reality which is beyond the reach of mental powers of most individuals, primarily because there are no physical traces of it in the physical world, thus significant intellectual awareness is required in order to pick on and define the key invisible concepts .  Each system has different level, think of them as levels of seniority, command, hierarchy (economy, politics, international relations, religion, media messages, etc.). All of us exist within this system but most of us don’t perceive it therefore most of us are not aware of how our actions or inactions shape our own future and futures of other individuals. We share this system. We share everything. Unfortunately we are not aware of how much we share because we are not aware of the system and its intricate web of socio economic technological emotional elements. One of the key things which we share are stories or narratives. All stories (newspapers, TV, radio, film, books, comic books, cooks books, commercials) address the same set of ideas. Some of the ideas contained in this set are fear of the unknown, love, hatred, greed, happiness, family and many others. All stories address one or more of the elements from this set. Different stories have different settings, different props, different wardrobe, different characters. They are details. Story details are not really important, yet they are what we focus on. We cannot help but focus on the details because they the elements which we are not familiar to us, which are foreign and which we don’t understand. The elements which are familiar we don’t have to think about. The mind accepts them and integrates them into our being. But we don’t know how to deal with the unknown. What do make of unknown unfiroms, or foods or individuals who cover their faces, for example. And because we don’t know how to deal with them they can be seen as a fear, the basic instinct fear. It causes anxieties and discomfort. Stories have a great potential ,but as mentioned in my earlier blogs anything or anyone which is unfamiliar scares and makes us believe that we exist in opposition to that object, location, or person. Thus each one of us exists within our own universe which is made up of ideas, objects, places and people we know and care about, however this does not include all human beings because we cannot be familiar with all beings, places and objects. Our universe consists of a small number of individuals whose beliefs and ideas we share. Most of us are not open minded, compassionate, flexible. We develop borders and criteria and filters in order to deal with our anxieties caused by our irrational fear of the unknown. We use many different (personally developed) criteria to determine which people and ideas to include into our universe and which ones to exclude.  And this is why we assess (probably unconsciously) narratives (and narratives means all imaginable narratives including newspapers, TV commercials, magazines, books, comic books, films, product descriptions, etc.) and focus on cultural elements (they can be emotional, ideological, or physical) which are different to what we find acceptable thus this is what prevents us from relating to ‘other’ cultures, groups, communities, etc.  We focus on what is different because we are programmed to do so in order to survive but we are completely unable to notice this process and eliminate it. As a result we fail to notice the shared humanity because we focus on the cultural elements. We don’t say wow despite physical differences (differences in environments, wardrobe, etc.) and despite psycho/social/emotional differences (differences in how loud we speak, how close we stand when we talk to each other, what we eat and drink and how and where, what family means to us) we all feel the need to love, to be loved, to express our thoughts, to express our feelings.  No, we don’t do that. We focus on the differences as if they were something bad and the greatest problem is that in doing that we are denying the greatest natural and inevitable construct of ‘difference’, the universe itself. What is the universe but many different things put together but at the same time they are one. By refusing to accept what is different and by refusing to acknowledge our ancient fear of ‘the unknown’ as an irrational idea we perpetuate hatred and continue to replant the seed of hatred. When we focus on and accentuate the elements which can separate us from the others we are giving them an opportunity to feel isolated and indeed an opportunity to do the same. It is funny how naïve the working, middle and upper classes are and the upper class is not the same as the elite class. The most important difference between the working, middle, upper and the elite class is that the working, middle and upper do not depend on the international markets and consequently on international relations, politics, policies, and trade agreements and communications, logistics, and transportation problems,  as much as the elite does. This means that they cannot begin to imagine how the elite class business owners view the world. It is a place where all people are ‘users’ of either services or goods because they are how we humans satisfy our needs and wants. The billionaires look for ways to merge markets and consumers and resources and products in order to minimize production and transportation expenses and maximize the perceived need for their product (constant advertising presence) and increase audiences. This affects their business practices as well as the products. That’s why Sony, Coke, Ford, Toyota, Microsoft, etc. are what they are.  They don’t care who their consumers are. The more the merrier. Bill Gates would not be as rich if he limited the computer hardware and software sales to the United States. They don’t care if you are Chinese, Russian, Australian, Norwegian, French, African. In fact they don’t care what you do with their product. For all that CEOS care you can buy their hardware and software and nuke their country, they don’t care. They don’t have to live in it. The notions of nationalism, politics, voting, etc., are ways in which to organize stupid masses and create, manage and classify consumers which can be exploited thus creating an organized and unchangeable socio economic structure in which anyone who does not control a significant portion of the international markets or who has no influence over international policies, international communications, and international transportation, or international supply and demand channels has no choice, he or she has to be a user. That is what I call the Social Economics of the Global Scale and it is what you need to learn and practice if you are to manage a billion dollar empire. Although you might find it hard to start unless your parents have at least half a billion in various locations. The unfortunate thing is that what I am describing here are advanced concepts which require knowledge acquired through external sources and imagination and self knowledge, most people don’t have much of any of them, thus they focus and comment on what they can and what they know, indeed on what they are given. They comment on differences (physical, emotional, clothes, appearances, social interactions, objects, etc., all irrelevant as they have no effect on the higher reality which controls the world) and politics and policies as presented and interpreted by the media machine. Yes created and interpreted for there is very little reporting going on. Media is now an interpretation of events but not the actual event itself. But more about that in my next article.


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