Sci-fi reality.

The sci-fi genre seems to be extending its reach into the advertising world. I have seen quite a few TVCs with various sci-fi elements. Sometimes we have futuristic comic book like heroes flying around with a jetpack and sometimes it’s the very nature of the presentation of different segments of a particular commercial that resembles or suggests a modern, futuristic, or non contemporary environment.

So I wonder what is it about this genre that makes it so appealing to the creators of TV and on-line ads.

I guess you could say that ‘the modern’ kind of ads are a good example of technology that reflects on and refers to itself through the sci-fi worlds of adds.

Or perhaps the sci-fi elements neutralize or completely remove (direct or indirect) references to a particular race, socio economic class, gender, etc.  Just as it is possible to omit such elements in the cyberspace (well almost, although it is possible to identify certain ethnic groups by the language used, etc.). It is interesting to note how one genre can alter our perceptions of how we communicate. It is a new and sophisticated tool which unites audiences and makes them believe that they are members of a large techno world where race and gender are not important and it suggests that the companies whose products are being advertised are modern and sophisticated.


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