I have come to believe that current cinema represents our fragmented state of mind. What I mean by this is that audiences and filmmakers do not share similar interests and filmmakers know this. Or to be more specific audiences are so diverse and their ideas about current trends (fashion, food, religion, science, technology, social norms), about what is current or what is cool, change so quickly that filmmakers cannot anticipate it. Sexuality, religion, morality, ethics, philosophy, psychology anything can be and is questioned. Views and ideas and trends can change many times before a film is finished. Thanks to the technology which most filmmakers embrace, ironic. Filmmakers, or more specifically, producers, distributors, financiers, guarantors don’t know how to entertain the international audiences. They don’t know what unites all audiences. What do they do. They follow the good old saying “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Unfortunately the same applies to independent filmmakers. Films without any social, political, moral, or intellectual consequences. No views expressed. Senseless nudity, senseless violence, senseless aggression, senseless use of technology. Nothing that requires intellect, nothing that forces you to think. There is no question that ‘Film’ is no longer ‘art’. It is not even entertainment. It is a time passing brain toy without any purpose, without any meaning, without any value. It contributes nothing to our growth for it has nothing meaningful to communicate. Filmmakers understand this, action, violence, comedy, sex do not have any meaning of their own. Story is not just events. It is how they are arranged and what characters do to reveal their humanity. Film is not just about ‘reality’, no, it’s not like the reality we perceive. Film is more. Scenes do not show us what happens. No. That’s not why we watch films. Scenes have to investigate, look for, find, determine and explain new ways or states of what it means to be human. We don’t just show actions. Dialogues and actions have to be more than just your ordinary experiences. Ordinary experiences have no meaning. We go to films to learn about that meaning. Or we read books. There has to be a meaning that is communicated through performance and through action and which is missing in our daily communication. Film has to show you a particular unknown reality and reveal to you why some people do strange or stupid things and provide you with an insight about how some people live or why certain things happen or why certain secrets exist. Revealing that new dimension of the reality, that is the craft. It is the problem. It is about knowing how to look at the ordinary worlds, see actions, see people, and then get beyond them and determine why they happen, what they mean and how they might change and where they will take us in the future. That is what most filmmakers don’t know how to do. And they don’t know how to do it and they don’t want to spend any time on trying to do that. Can I meet someone who wants to do that. Please. Aare you out there. They just report and create clichés because they are not in touch with current reasons for current trends, for current thinking, weather it be why people use drugs and party or why oil is so important or why it’s more important to use your ipod than sit and talk to your parents. Filmmakers do not think about these problems and they create clichéd and meaningless films. Filmmakers have no point to make, and the ones who do are too afraid to communicate it because they know that the executives will not like it because the international audiences might not agree with it. There is a great opportunity for us, filmmakers, to develop new types of stories. Stories where we are focusing on the uniqueness of our humanity. What is ironic, and what most filmmakers do not comprehend, despite the fact that they think that they are out there and happening and that they are being cool, and in touch with current culture, is the fact that the disappearance of the importance of religion, patriarchy, new sexualities, new rise of feminism, etc. reveal our true humanity and suggest future definitions of what it means to be human. Our current revolutions are removing old layers of inhumanity and primitiveness and bringing us closer to the source of our humanity. Closer to the source of our existence. We are getting to know our instincts and our rational thinking and we are starting to understand why we are afraid of each other. Alas no one is interested in our humanity. But why don’t we want to see smart films. What does it all mean. We know that there is something wrong with current films. But we keep watching them. Why. Some say it happens whenever new technology takes over, it’s the 3D and CGI, they are to blame. And we have no choice. We want to be entertained and that’s what we go and see. Maybe. We want to be free to abolish the old world views yet we are unable to deal with the new world and the direction in which we are travelling. Our intellectual and technological growth is decreasing our moral values and the moral void is filled with meaningless technorama which is desensitizing our senses and because of that very process we are led to believe that it is ok to do whatever we please, that it is ok to be desensitized. Religious fanatics have to become ‘extremists’ in order to amplify their religious power. They have to become more imaginative more resourceful, more wild. And what do we do. We do the opposite, we do not try to understand them. We judge them, without determining, defining, understanding and acknowledging their problems, fears, values and the reasons for their perceptions. What do our films do. The same thing. Blow things up man. We must create new definitions of humanity. Social, political, economic. Our current behaviors perpetuate wars, hatred, greed. Isn’t it obvious that we are doing something wrong. Filmmakers, artists, focus on redefining what it means to be human, compassionate, loving, friendly, caring, giving. We have to do this because our current definitions are not working. Focus on these terms and define them. Teach us, the world, how to use technolgy and be a better human, don’t use it to extend our old, bad habits.


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