I wonder why we, humans, don’t tend to do what is right, what is healthy, what is positive. I mean our bodies struggle and try to cope and try to stay healthy but why is it that we abuse our own bodies and disregard our friends’ wellbeing. Even people who come from affluent families where resources and money are not short develop self destructive habits and behaviors. I believe that this happens because when we are children we are not made aware of our value and of the power that exists within us. Therefore most people grow up believing that there is not point in trying to control their body and mind for they themselves are nothing significant, and they don’t even consider an attempt to exert a positive influence on other people.  But if they were told about their value, if instead of every negative, demeaning, dehumanizing thing they had to experience or see or hear, if instead of that they were encouraged, told how beautiful, smart, intelligent, talented, creative, capable of loving they are, they would have started to believe that and they would have seen it within themselves, and similarly if they were taught to welcome other people into their hearts and minds without focusing on differences they would not feel threatened or fear anyone who does not look or sound like them. If we can create this kind of environment where all people can see the potential that exists within them then people would realize that they, we, us, you and I, are the key to other individuals’ happiness, indeed, the key to the universe. If we do not strive to make another person, a stranger, feel valuable for what they are how can we ever find peace or feel at ease around anyone. We cannot. But this is not happening and I don’t know how we can make this happen. I am trying to do what I can but I wonder how we can break this circle, this pattern. One of the problems is that people who should not have children do indeed go ahead and have them and then they don’t teach them any valuable, positive, meaningful, enriching lessons. Their children grow up without their own mind, without their own direction, without their own definition of peace and love. They grow, they grow, and while growing they are completely unaware of their own potential to change the world. And what do they do, what else can they do, they have to try to find some kind of meaning. We are all intelligent human beings and we need something to occupy our minds and the problem is that if we are not taught something or if have not read it or experienced it remains unknown to us. Therefore we do the only we know how, we do what everyone else around us is doing. If we have not read, seen or experienced anything else we do what we can to make our lives meaningful. And oh no there is no meaning in life. One has to be a hero in order to realize that. The only meaning that our lives have is the one that we give it. We make our own meaning. And no it’s not in drinking, smoking or gambling. We are a gift, to ourselves, and to each other, and unless we realize this we cannot be happy for everything and everyone around us will be seen as a potential threat, as a potential source of conflict. But that is not true. For all of us are trying to be happy, to love and to be loved. Oh it’s all so simple if we could see we could actually be happy.


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