A change and why no one is making any

I wonder if anyone notices that we have not seen any effects, changes, or results of any kind, brought about by Mr. Assange’s WikiLeaks’s leaks. No disruption, no chaos, no change. The problem is that ‘ordinary people’ (meaning working class people) have no means to organize or do anything of any significance. The leading corporations control the most important media outlets and technologies and the working class has no way to overpower their growing digital multimedia voice. Consumers and users are being told that their demands and complaints are being listened to. But wait. We have to ask who is controlling the channels through which complaints are being lodged. Yes we can express our opinions through the internet, radio, blogs, print, video broadcast websites. But can we really. Who controls them. Who listens to our messages and who reads our text messages and who decides what is a newsworthy topic. Why do I keep reading about irrelevant stuff. Why do I keep hearing irrelevant stuff. For example why don’t I hear anyone wondering why nothing is happening as a result of Mr. Assange’s revelation. The rich individuals who control the media industry, the media moguls, are corrupt by default. It is impossible to say I will get rich and then I will give the poor working classes a voice. It is impossible to do so because it is the process during which you are becoming rich that you are making a specific number of people poor. It is only because rich are so determined to become rich that there are so many poor people. The working classes are not responsible for their status because they are a part of the machinery which they cannot control so they cannot alter their status, just as they cannot alter their wages, their holidays, benefits, etc. So the poor working class has no means, no resources with which to instigate any kind of change, no way to act on Mr. Assange’s findings.  The middle class wants to get closer to the upper class so they don’t want to do anything which would upset the upper class. The upper class and the elite or the super class or the over class don’t want to get anywhere near anything which would suggest that they are associated with the other ‘corrupt’ members of the elite class. So who is to react on Mr. Assange’s findings. No one. No one will. The world is going to self destruct. Everyone has a plan, and guess what, no one else matters, me, me, me. That’s all we care about. There is no plan which includes fellow human beings. For how could any such plans benefit me, me, me.