Sharing to end wars

One of the main reasons why we have to have armies, police, security agencies, intelligence agencies, agents, double agents, thieves, crooks and criminals, in all areas of society, of all levels and kinds, is because we are afraid of each other. There is no real, practical threat. It does not exist. All we want is happiness. And happiness means security and stability. All of us want happiness and none of us want to experience fear and pain. But we are afraid of each other because some of us are less fortunate and some are more fortunate. The ones who are less fortunate, for whatever reason, think that the ones who are more fortunate, or simply happier, are responsible for their lesser fortune so they sabotage them and threaten them and blackmail them and attack them and they want to be rich so that they don’t feel different so they will do anything it takes to get there. Put simply, they think that just by being happy, the happy ones are making them unhappy. And the ones who are happy and fortunate are afraid that the ones who are less fortunate will attack them and remove their fortune, so they have to increase their fortune and improve how they guard their wealth. So no matter who gets rich, the history has proved this, this tension will exist, because the rich have to keep their wealth and the poor have to acquire it. And this means war. The history has proved this, many different countries and many different parts of the world experienced wealth, China, Rome, Europe, America. None of them could keep their wealth because peace cannot exist without balance and balance cannot exist without even distribution and even distribution cannot exist without sharing. And sharing cannot exist unless all of us are sharing all of our resources. The solution is sharing. Sharing of all resources. Money, food, technology. All resources which exist have to be shared. Only when all resources are shared we will not have to be afraid of each other because we will not perceive others as different.

Who controls more resources at what point in history is irrelevant. The history keeps proving this but we cannot learn because we are not really looking at the history because we exist in now and all we care about is that we have more than they do without realizing that all we are doing is perpetuating hatred, mistrust and the need for weapons, war, destruction and hatred. When we share all of ourselves and all of our resources nothing will need to be hidden, nothing to be protected, no borders to be guarded.

When we share everything no fear can exist because there are no ideas, objects, materials, weapons or anything which can separate us and cause us to view the other as a potential threat. If all of us know the same, have the same, share the same, then we are the same. Imagine if all generals and intelligence officers directed their energies at sharing all of our resources instead of guarding them. We would learn everything there is to know about each other in a matter of days and then there would be nothing else to learn.

No fears of manipulation, and no false theories to build on and manipulate people. We would learn everything there is to know and then we would realize how similar we are. We would learn that each country wants its people to be rich and happy and that it is doing the best it can to achieve that. And then instead of killing each other we could start making each other happy.

There is no ‘other’ entity which wants to destroy ‘us’. It is us who are afraid of our own selves, we are afraid of the unknown part of ourselves, and we have imagined the ‘other’ or ‘them’ and projected this image onto part of ‘us’ we don’t understand. It helps us deal with what we don’t understand. But instead of perpetuating this notion by using new technologies we have to learn to use new technologies in new ways, in ways which would enables us to explore our minds and learn that there is no us and them, that it is ourselves we don’t understand. For when fortunes reverse we would act the same. If we are rich today but our fortune changes and we are poor again, we will want to be rich again. And when we get rich we will not want to lose our fortune. So weather rich or poor we never think of the other’s state. But if we never had to worry about being rich or poor all troubles would go away.


Managing how other people manage your time

After reading many books and thinking for a long time, I continue to see the same thing, the same suggestion, the same pattern. It is not just about how you manage your own time but how you mange how other people manage or waste your time. You can decide to be the most efficient person in the world, but if you don’t manage how other people manage your time you are never going to get anywhere. Because other people don’t know how to manage your time and they don’t care if they are managing your time. So this aspect of it, you managing how other people manage your time, is really about you managing your own time by managing how you construct your interactions with other people.

Imagination, a source of new thinking, imagining a change

I am starting to realize how pointless it is to talk about thinking and imagination and hope that people will understand that they need to improve how they think about their actions, decisions, and abilities. If they were capable, willing, wanting, feeling the need to think or imagine they would be doing so. But they don’t want to think or imagine. So how do you help them and help the world. I don’t know. I guess what we have to do is find new ways of demonstrating how good thinking and detailed imagination can help people improve their lives. If people knew what they were missing they would be thinking more about their decisions but since they don’t know what they are missing they keep existing within their limited universe. Limited by political views, social views, cultural views, class views, etc. I think that true revolutionary thinkers know that all boundaries (physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, technological) are nothing more than challenges on our way to becoming something greater. I think that great individuals select an area of interest and attempt to push it as far as possible in order to construct an new entity within that area of interest (which will become a new property of that area of interest) which moves across cultures, races, countries, time, and unites our humanity, by peeling away, forever removing, from that particular area of interest and from its particular subject all aspects of our inhumanity. For example great novels which moved and redefined notions of aristocracy or race or war. Their writers spent their lives exposing many different ways in which we stereotype and how we view our differences. They reveal to us new cultural, political, and social elements.  Elements which form part of ourselves and which form part of the greater ‘social’ space, they are the elements which are unique to all of us but which we define in our own culturally and racially specific terms without ever considering the fact that they are common to all human beings. We do so because we are familiar with our own humanity but have little interest in others’ humanity and more importantly we have no way to recognize how little interest we have in others’ humanity or how it affects us or others. So every once in a while an individual comes along and gives an everyday object, action, belie, etc., a shape and form, expresses their humanity so clearly, that we wonder how ridiculous it was to suggest that our individual language or race or social status or any other unique element could conceal the fact that it is a shared element which all human being experience, but define in their own ways, due to their inability to imagine and therefore see and accept the cultural, social, biological, physical diversity and unity.

I think that this happens because of our inability to imagine. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the general population’s inability to develop any form of critical thinking about their leaders’ decisions. There seems to be a consensus among the non thinking members of our society that politicians and anyone who holds any position of power is to be deemed intelligent and their decisions acceptable. Thus the non thinkers prefer the status quo, where they don’t have to think and their motto seems to be ‘you are there, you are in control, you are there in order to think for me, you are there to design policies and laws and determine how to punish the ones who disobey’. What is it that so many people fail to see.  Every action is driven by motivation. And I believe that a strong motivation is created by and is directly related to, a strong and clear imagination. I am starting to think that imagination together with thinking is the single most important aspect or property or element of human behavior. This is so because it is the source of empathy, reason, power and creativity. It seems that when the ability to imagine is reduced severe intellectual and emotional dysfunctions occur. Now when I say imagine I am talking about advanced levels of imagination. An ability to extrapolate and assess systems, members of systems, their actions and sources of motivation for their actions, short term and long terms goals and outcomes. Put simply an ability to see the world as someone else. What if I were this person, what would motivate me, why, how, what would I want to accomplish, what resources would be at my disposal, how would I use them to acquire more resources, how would I use them to manipulate people. The important point to see here is that the masses are not capable of understanding that they are being used in order to achieve, create or change certain social, political or business agenda.

Thus, they are not able to imagine the extent to which even the smallest of (their) decisions, when compounded, can contribute to one person’s intentions. Until people start to realize the absolute and tremendous importance of every little action they take every day they will not be able to realize how far reaching their deeds are. That is why it is possible to manipulate individuals, groups and nations. They can be manipulated into anything because they are incapable of imagining results of their actions.

Until it is made clear to people how much influence is being exerted on them in order to behave in particular ways because those ways are how the individuals in power maintain their power, ‘people’ will not attempt to think or imagine to any greater degree. Thinking and imaging are not encouraged. Imagine if everyone thought they could have it all. People are told no, you are too ordinary to think you could have it all. Only they, the ones who are in control, can have it all. But guess who tells us that. The ones who are in control. They keep telling us that we are the audience, we are the users, we are the consumers, they are here to take care of us. Why do we need them to take care of us. No. We are all equal. We have to take care of each other.

Nonsense. You are in control of your life and you can become anything you want to be. You are not a member of any group.

You don’t have to be a member of any group and you don’t have to share any one’s view. You are entitled to be whatever you want to be. The problem is that most people are afraid to express their own opinion because they afraid of loneliness because they think that they are the only ones who wish to share their individuality, therefore they have to search for a group which corresponds to their ideologies or if they don’t know what they want they join anyone they can, hence crime, drugs, violence, religious leaders, etc. But that is not true. All people are creative and all people want to express their creativity but they don’t experince an environment which encourages them to be who they are and say what they think.

The ones who create new and original ideas know that they are entitled to express their own unique views and they know that doing anything less than attempting to redefine the world and make it a better place is only participating in and contributing to the chaos, violence, crime and unhappiness.

Thinking and designing to communicate and recreate humanity

The more I think the more I realize how much time it’s taking me to think and to observe and realize where I make mistakes and how and why. It takes a long time to think, to learn how to think, to act on your thinking. It’s a time consuming activity and many people are not in a position to spend a great deal of time on thinking about how they think, therefore they are not able to think themselves out of problems, out of the situations they don’t want to be in. They don’t get to think their way out of the life they don’t want. They are doing everything else but thinking. It’s a tricky business. They have to work and take care of their families and that’s why they cannot develop any advanced levels of thinking but if they could their lives would be better, easier. It’s hard to realize that you need to think if you don’t think about it and if you don’t imagine it. That’s why it’s important that the people who are in a position to think use their thinking to develop practical and useful technologies, techniques, tools and theories which can assist the ones who do not have the time to think, in ways that will encourage and enable them to think more. We have to reduce the number of trivial things, objects and technologies which we design each year. They are not good for us, they are not good for the environment, yet we are willing to convince ourselves and others that we need them. Governments should introduce various standards and specification which would restrict properties of certain objects. For example sizes of cars, accessories available for them, fuel consumption, pets and accessories, alcohol use, what objects people are allowed to carry in public spaces, what objects children could bring to schools, what technologies and objects can be present in certain institutions, buildings, streets, events, factories, to name a few ideas. We have to reduce the number of items we design, build and sell which have no purpose, meaning or use whatsoever. We must educate ourselves and develop our intellect in order to be able to determine what objects we need and what objects we don’t need. What objects help us share our humanity and experience the world and what objects are there to conceal our fears of ourselves and others.

The world is populated with trash, junk and garbage. We are suffocating in meaningless digital toys, gizmos, jewelry, magazines, fashion, cars, decorative furniture, decorative clothes, decorative pets and we keep asking how come there are wars, how come forests are disappearing, how come there is crime and violence. Our daily reality is occupied and polluted by unnecessary objects and ideas that it’s no wonder that we eat unhealthy foods, drink unhealthy drinks and wear unhealthy clothes. We have no idea how to make our own decisions for we have no idea who we are or what we need, the crap that surrounds us is obscuring our vision and polluting our mind with trivial subjects. Therefore we have no time to make relevant, meaningful decisions and apply our talents, natural abilities, learn and grow and make the world a better place. Instead, we allow it to deteriorate and wonder why it’s happening, who is allowing this country to be polluted, or that war to start, or this to happen or that to happen. We are. Myself included. I am worried. I am really worried. It’s a great task to try to develop a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, a new way of existing, but we have to if we are to continue to exist.

And ignornat religious leaders and philosophers

I had to add, if religious leaders and philosophers were not so arrogant and so out of touch with the real world, if they were willing to observe, determine and assess how their words influence people and why and what people do as a result of the ideas which they distribute then they would be more careful. Saying that it’s not up to them to control how people interpret their theories is an easy way out. The fact is that it is up them. In fact, it is has been proven that people are misinterpreting theories, philosophical, religious, and scientific because of how they are distributed, therefore cannot the ones who continue to propagate them and promote them be deemed responsible and ignorant, if they continue to do nothing to help people develop a better interpretation of their work. How can they say oh well you continue to misinterpret our words it does not bother us as long as we get to say what we have to say. Why don’t they develop new ways to interpret texts, new ways to relate to their audiences. They cannot do that because they don’t want to accept the fact they are guilty of ignorance. Their ego could not cope with that fact. They hide behind their pure, good, appropriate intentions. But the problem is not the intention, wishing well is not going to make everything well. People make mistakes and they have to realize that they have to teach in ways which will reduce their audiences’ potential to misinterpret their lessons.

Thoughtless, uneducated people and religious leaders and philosophers

Philosophers, scientists and religious leaders do not go to wars because they develop intellectual theories and lead intellectual battles and debates. It is the uneducated masses, who do not understand philosophical theories, scientific theories, religious theories, or themselves, that use them in order to justify their impulsive, violent, meaningless actions. And the smarter of the uneducated and disturbed use any theory or religious scripture they can find in order to recruit more stupid idiots who are completely incapable of interpreting any such text on their own, thus they baffle them with their skewed and misinterpreted bullshit ideas which justify their dirty deeds.

Why what we wear and where we shop are not the important things

What is very hard for people to realize and what requires an enormous amount of intellectual discipline and a significant amount of education (I say education because we have to learn about many different types of stereotyping in order to recognize it within ourselves and when we are doing it and it is impossible to gain as an experience until much later in life thus education being an important element) is that we are all equal because we share one common thing ‘language’. It does not matter what language we speak. What is important is that we can express how the other person makes us feel, how the environment makes us feel, and it is what enables us and gives us the right to participate in any debate, in any decision. It is a mistake to assume that it is ok to judge someone by what they wear, what car they drive, by where they shop. They are not the important things because they are not an indicator of our ability to empathize, they are not an indicator of our ability to share and receive feelings and emotions. They, the feelings, the ability to experience them, perceive them, share them, to affect other human beings with our feelings, they are what makes us human.

The more special you want to appear to people around you the harder it is for other people to relate to you and share their humanity and get access to your humanity. The more you cover your humanity and your biological imperfections the further you get away from your natural state of mind and body and the harder it is for you to communicate your body’s and your mind’s desires and needs. Thus we have to know our true selves in order to share ourselves. But to know ourselves we must learn from others’ mistakes. Education is, absolutely, completely, totally, undeniably, a requirement, especially for younger people because it is only through reading stories and thinking and sharing lessons that young people can learn about the world and the correct decisions. The more complicated the subject matter is the less real experience young people can have with it and they cannot wait to be 30 or 40 to learn about it because they would have to make too many mistakes. It’s only by analyzing previous mistakes, whether through fables and stories or through more advanced books like illustrated encyclopedias or more formal textbooks or purely scientific reference books populated with complex formulas, that a young brain can learn about its own properties, its own prejudices, its own purpose. Young brains must see as many intellectual things, objects, theories, books, as possible, not in order to understand them all but in order to get an idea about how many different systems there are and why they have to exist and coexist and be combined into one seemingly confusing reality that is the world that surrounds us. They need to be able to do this for it is by controlling such fragments of this world that they will get an opportunity to shape and hopefully change it into something better than what it is now.

People, communication, knowing your listeners’ needs

I think that the reason why many more people are not successful or at least more influential when it comes to communicating their unique ideas is because they lack vision and openness for a large scale communication. What do we mean by ‘vision’ and ‘openness’. I think that many people don’t know how to communicate, in friendly open manner with a large number of people. They are too defensive. They think that y being secretive, defensive and by keeping the important information to themselves they will succeed. Unfortunately people don’t like that. Furthermore, this means that their language, anecdotes they chose, examples, etc., are not broad enough, they are not general enough. It’s easy to communicate with your buddies over a beer down in your local bar and it’s easy to communicate when there is nothing at stake or if you never want to upset anyone. But how do you launch a new life changing idea. How do you suggest a new idea, or a new technique, or a new strategy, without criticizing, without sarcasm, without being a smart ass, without offending anyone, without suggesting that the current practices are inadequate. You have to relate to people. You have to listen to people and see what they are and what is making them that way. I think that people should be going to new environments, all the time, in order o challenge themselves and in order to learn about many different people and how they work and what the reasons for their decisions are. It’s only when you start understand why different people behave in different ways that you can start to get an idea about their motivation and how you need to communicate with them in order for them to understand you. I think that it’s important to focus on other peoples’ reactions. Many people, when communicating, are focused on their own performance and on what they have to say that they completely forget to try to determine if the other people are getting their message. Open your mind.

Governments should use the internet to communicate with their citizens and to create a new level of transparency

Many more government decisions should be and could be controlled by citizens. Taxpayers.  I think that governments should use the internet to accomplish this task. For example, every night, or once a week, or several times a month,  people should log into a government website where they could read about new decisions, new policies and then they should be able to vote. This should be compulsory. We have to be able to determine where our money goes and this would be a great new way for governments to enable their citizens to interact with the decisions making processes. All budgets should be visible and all expenses should be tracked online in real time so that we could see what is happening with our money. The governments should aim for new levels of transparency and this could be a great new way to start this.

Money and thinking, think why you spend


Money is ‘helpful’ because of the way we have structured our world. But this is not the only way we can exist. Our world can be structured in any number of ways. But we don’t like change. Why don’t we like change. Some say because we are lazy some say because we fear the unknown. I say it’s because we think we will lose our comfortable lifestyle. We need our possessions and our money because that is how we deal with our anxieties, personal and social. But most people don’t see any other solutions. They cannot imagine any other solutions because they do not question the current systems. They don’t know their anxieties. They don’t want to admit their problems. They don’t want to admit that they feel that they have no value as human beings, they don’t want to admit that they think that the only way to acquire value is by purchasing expensive items. Furthermore, they don’t understand many different systems and how their unhealthy habits feed the system. Economic systems, educational systems, scientific systems, government systems, and many other systems. But why don’t they. They don’t question anything because they know very little about anything. They don’t know why the world operates the way it does and that’s why they cannot ask how can we improve it. The ones who know how it operates are the ones who are rich and they do keep improving their worlds by making the stupid masses work for them. The rich use their insecurities and fears to build their wealth. We have to ask ourselves what are the sources of problems in this world and why are they the sources of problems and what can we do to change how the sources or systems function. We have to realize that we have established one system of living, our current world, but it does not have to be this way. This is one possible option. But it can be improved. There are many other systems which we can build. We have to start by redesigning this one.