Money is ‘helpful’ because of the way we have structured our world. But this is not the only way we can exist. Our world can be structured in any number of ways. But we don’t like change. Why don’t we like change. Some say because we are lazy some say because we fear the unknown. I say it’s because we think we will lose our comfortable lifestyle. We need our possessions and our money because that is how we deal with our anxieties, personal and social. But most people don’t see any other solutions. They cannot imagine any other solutions because they do not question the current systems. They don’t know their anxieties. They don’t want to admit their problems. They don’t want to admit that they feel that they have no value as human beings, they don’t want to admit that they think that the only way to acquire value is by purchasing expensive items. Furthermore, they don’t understand many different systems and how their unhealthy habits feed the system. Economic systems, educational systems, scientific systems, government systems, and many other systems. But why don’t they. They don’t question anything because they know very little about anything. They don’t know why the world operates the way it does and that’s why they cannot ask how can we improve it. The ones who know how it operates are the ones who are rich and they do keep improving their worlds by making the stupid masses work for them. The rich use their insecurities and fears to build their wealth. We have to ask ourselves what are the sources of problems in this world and why are they the sources of problems and what can we do to change how the sources or systems function. We have to realize that we have established one system of living, our current world, but it does not have to be this way. This is one possible option. But it can be improved. There are many other systems which we can build. We have to start by redesigning this one.


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