I think that the reason why many more people are not successful or at least more influential when it comes to communicating their unique ideas is because they lack vision and openness for a large scale communication. What do we mean by ‘vision’ and ‘openness’. I think that many people don’t know how to communicate, in friendly open manner with a large number of people. They are too defensive. They think that y being secretive, defensive and by keeping the important information to themselves they will succeed. Unfortunately people don’t like that. Furthermore, this means that their language, anecdotes they chose, examples, etc., are not broad enough, they are not general enough. It’s easy to communicate with your buddies over a beer down in your local bar and it’s easy to communicate when there is nothing at stake or if you never want to upset anyone. But how do you launch a new life changing idea. How do you suggest a new idea, or a new technique, or a new strategy, without criticizing, without sarcasm, without being a smart ass, without offending anyone, without suggesting that the current practices are inadequate. You have to relate to people. You have to listen to people and see what they are and what is making them that way. I think that people should be going to new environments, all the time, in order o challenge themselves and in order to learn about many different people and how they work and what the reasons for their decisions are. It’s only when you start understand why different people behave in different ways that you can start to get an idea about their motivation and how you need to communicate with them in order for them to understand you. I think that it’s important to focus on other peoples’ reactions. Many people, when communicating, are focused on their own performance and on what they have to say that they completely forget to try to determine if the other people are getting their message. Open your mind.


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