I had to add, if religious leaders and philosophers were not so arrogant and so out of touch with the real world, if they were willing to observe, determine and assess how their words influence people and why and what people do as a result of the ideas which they distribute then they would be more careful. Saying that it’s not up to them to control how people interpret their theories is an easy way out. The fact is that it is up them. In fact, it is has been proven that people are misinterpreting theories, philosophical, religious, and scientific because of how they are distributed, therefore cannot the ones who continue to propagate them and promote them be deemed responsible and ignorant, if they continue to do nothing to help people develop a better interpretation of their work. How can they say oh well you continue to misinterpret our words it does not bother us as long as we get to say what we have to say. Why don’t they develop new ways to interpret texts, new ways to relate to their audiences. They cannot do that because they don’t want to accept the fact they are guilty of ignorance. Their ego could not cope with that fact. They hide behind their pure, good, appropriate intentions. But the problem is not the intention, wishing well is not going to make everything well. People make mistakes and they have to realize that they have to teach in ways which will reduce their audiences’ potential to misinterpret their lessons.


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