The more I think the more I realize how much time it’s taking me to think and to observe and realize where I make mistakes and how and why. It takes a long time to think, to learn how to think, to act on your thinking. It’s a time consuming activity and many people are not in a position to spend a great deal of time on thinking about how they think, therefore they are not able to think themselves out of problems, out of the situations they don’t want to be in. They don’t get to think their way out of the life they don’t want. They are doing everything else but thinking. It’s a tricky business. They have to work and take care of their families and that’s why they cannot develop any advanced levels of thinking but if they could their lives would be better, easier. It’s hard to realize that you need to think if you don’t think about it and if you don’t imagine it. That’s why it’s important that the people who are in a position to think use their thinking to develop practical and useful technologies, techniques, tools and theories which can assist the ones who do not have the time to think, in ways that will encourage and enable them to think more. We have to reduce the number of trivial things, objects and technologies which we design each year. They are not good for us, they are not good for the environment, yet we are willing to convince ourselves and others that we need them. Governments should introduce various standards and specification which would restrict properties of certain objects. For example sizes of cars, accessories available for them, fuel consumption, pets and accessories, alcohol use, what objects people are allowed to carry in public spaces, what objects children could bring to schools, what technologies and objects can be present in certain institutions, buildings, streets, events, factories, to name a few ideas. We have to reduce the number of items we design, build and sell which have no purpose, meaning or use whatsoever. We must educate ourselves and develop our intellect in order to be able to determine what objects we need and what objects we don’t need. What objects help us share our humanity and experience the world and what objects are there to conceal our fears of ourselves and others.

The world is populated with trash, junk and garbage. We are suffocating in meaningless digital toys, gizmos, jewelry, magazines, fashion, cars, decorative furniture, decorative clothes, decorative pets and we keep asking how come there are wars, how come forests are disappearing, how come there is crime and violence. Our daily reality is occupied and polluted by unnecessary objects and ideas that it’s no wonder that we eat unhealthy foods, drink unhealthy drinks and wear unhealthy clothes. We have no idea how to make our own decisions for we have no idea who we are or what we need, the crap that surrounds us is obscuring our vision and polluting our mind with trivial subjects. Therefore we have no time to make relevant, meaningful decisions and apply our talents, natural abilities, learn and grow and make the world a better place. Instead, we allow it to deteriorate and wonder why it’s happening, who is allowing this country to be polluted, or that war to start, or this to happen or that to happen. We are. Myself included. I am worried. I am really worried. It’s a great task to try to develop a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, a new way of existing, but we have to if we are to continue to exist.


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