I am starting to realize how pointless it is to talk about thinking and imagination and hope that people will understand that they need to improve how they think about their actions, decisions, and abilities. If they were capable, willing, wanting, feeling the need to think or imagine they would be doing so. But they don’t want to think or imagine. So how do you help them and help the world. I don’t know. I guess what we have to do is find new ways of demonstrating how good thinking and detailed imagination can help people improve their lives. If people knew what they were missing they would be thinking more about their decisions but since they don’t know what they are missing they keep existing within their limited universe. Limited by political views, social views, cultural views, class views, etc. I think that true revolutionary thinkers know that all boundaries (physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, technological) are nothing more than challenges on our way to becoming something greater. I think that great individuals select an area of interest and attempt to push it as far as possible in order to construct an new entity within that area of interest (which will become a new property of that area of interest) which moves across cultures, races, countries, time, and unites our humanity, by peeling away, forever removing, from that particular area of interest and from its particular subject all aspects of our inhumanity. For example great novels which moved and redefined notions of aristocracy or race or war. Their writers spent their lives exposing many different ways in which we stereotype and how we view our differences. They reveal to us new cultural, political, and social elements.  Elements which form part of ourselves and which form part of the greater ‘social’ space, they are the elements which are unique to all of us but which we define in our own culturally and racially specific terms without ever considering the fact that they are common to all human beings. We do so because we are familiar with our own humanity but have little interest in others’ humanity and more importantly we have no way to recognize how little interest we have in others’ humanity or how it affects us or others. So every once in a while an individual comes along and gives an everyday object, action, belie, etc., a shape and form, expresses their humanity so clearly, that we wonder how ridiculous it was to suggest that our individual language or race or social status or any other unique element could conceal the fact that it is a shared element which all human being experience, but define in their own ways, due to their inability to imagine and therefore see and accept the cultural, social, biological, physical diversity and unity.

I think that this happens because of our inability to imagine. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the general population’s inability to develop any form of critical thinking about their leaders’ decisions. There seems to be a consensus among the non thinking members of our society that politicians and anyone who holds any position of power is to be deemed intelligent and their decisions acceptable. Thus the non thinkers prefer the status quo, where they don’t have to think and their motto seems to be ‘you are there, you are in control, you are there in order to think for me, you are there to design policies and laws and determine how to punish the ones who disobey’. What is it that so many people fail to see.  Every action is driven by motivation. And I believe that a strong motivation is created by and is directly related to, a strong and clear imagination. I am starting to think that imagination together with thinking is the single most important aspect or property or element of human behavior. This is so because it is the source of empathy, reason, power and creativity. It seems that when the ability to imagine is reduced severe intellectual and emotional dysfunctions occur. Now when I say imagine I am talking about advanced levels of imagination. An ability to extrapolate and assess systems, members of systems, their actions and sources of motivation for their actions, short term and long terms goals and outcomes. Put simply an ability to see the world as someone else. What if I were this person, what would motivate me, why, how, what would I want to accomplish, what resources would be at my disposal, how would I use them to acquire more resources, how would I use them to manipulate people. The important point to see here is that the masses are not capable of understanding that they are being used in order to achieve, create or change certain social, political or business agenda.

Thus, they are not able to imagine the extent to which even the smallest of (their) decisions, when compounded, can contribute to one person’s intentions. Until people start to realize the absolute and tremendous importance of every little action they take every day they will not be able to realize how far reaching their deeds are. That is why it is possible to manipulate individuals, groups and nations. They can be manipulated into anything because they are incapable of imagining results of their actions.

Until it is made clear to people how much influence is being exerted on them in order to behave in particular ways because those ways are how the individuals in power maintain their power, ‘people’ will not attempt to think or imagine to any greater degree. Thinking and imaging are not encouraged. Imagine if everyone thought they could have it all. People are told no, you are too ordinary to think you could have it all. Only they, the ones who are in control, can have it all. But guess who tells us that. The ones who are in control. They keep telling us that we are the audience, we are the users, we are the consumers, they are here to take care of us. Why do we need them to take care of us. No. We are all equal. We have to take care of each other.

Nonsense. You are in control of your life and you can become anything you want to be. You are not a member of any group.

You don’t have to be a member of any group and you don’t have to share any one’s view. You are entitled to be whatever you want to be. The problem is that most people are afraid to express their own opinion because they afraid of loneliness because they think that they are the only ones who wish to share their individuality, therefore they have to search for a group which corresponds to their ideologies or if they don’t know what they want they join anyone they can, hence crime, drugs, violence, religious leaders, etc. But that is not true. All people are creative and all people want to express their creativity but they don’t experince an environment which encourages them to be who they are and say what they think.

The ones who create new and original ideas know that they are entitled to express their own unique views and they know that doing anything less than attempting to redefine the world and make it a better place is only participating in and contributing to the chaos, violence, crime and unhappiness.


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