One of the main reasons why we have to have armies, police, security agencies, intelligence agencies, agents, double agents, thieves, crooks and criminals, in all areas of society, of all levels and kinds, is because we are afraid of each other. There is no real, practical threat. It does not exist. All we want is happiness. And happiness means security and stability. All of us want happiness and none of us want to experience fear and pain. But we are afraid of each other because some of us are less fortunate and some are more fortunate. The ones who are less fortunate, for whatever reason, think that the ones who are more fortunate, or simply happier, are responsible for their lesser fortune so they sabotage them and threaten them and blackmail them and attack them and they want to be rich so that they don’t feel different so they will do anything it takes to get there. Put simply, they think that just by being happy, the happy ones are making them unhappy. And the ones who are happy and fortunate are afraid that the ones who are less fortunate will attack them and remove their fortune, so they have to increase their fortune and improve how they guard their wealth. So no matter who gets rich, the history has proved this, this tension will exist, because the rich have to keep their wealth and the poor have to acquire it. And this means war. The history has proved this, many different countries and many different parts of the world experienced wealth, China, Rome, Europe, America. None of them could keep their wealth because peace cannot exist without balance and balance cannot exist without even distribution and even distribution cannot exist without sharing. And sharing cannot exist unless all of us are sharing all of our resources. The solution is sharing. Sharing of all resources. Money, food, technology. All resources which exist have to be shared. Only when all resources are shared we will not have to be afraid of each other because we will not perceive others as different.

Who controls more resources at what point in history is irrelevant. The history keeps proving this but we cannot learn because we are not really looking at the history because we exist in now and all we care about is that we have more than they do without realizing that all we are doing is perpetuating hatred, mistrust and the need for weapons, war, destruction and hatred. When we share all of ourselves and all of our resources nothing will need to be hidden, nothing to be protected, no borders to be guarded.

When we share everything no fear can exist because there are no ideas, objects, materials, weapons or anything which can separate us and cause us to view the other as a potential threat. If all of us know the same, have the same, share the same, then we are the same. Imagine if all generals and intelligence officers directed their energies at sharing all of our resources instead of guarding them. We would learn everything there is to know about each other in a matter of days and then there would be nothing else to learn.

No fears of manipulation, and no false theories to build on and manipulate people. We would learn everything there is to know and then we would realize how similar we are. We would learn that each country wants its people to be rich and happy and that it is doing the best it can to achieve that. And then instead of killing each other we could start making each other happy.

There is no ‘other’ entity which wants to destroy ‘us’. It is us who are afraid of our own selves, we are afraid of the unknown part of ourselves, and we have imagined the ‘other’ or ‘them’ and projected this image onto part of ‘us’ we don’t understand. It helps us deal with what we don’t understand. But instead of perpetuating this notion by using new technologies we have to learn to use new technologies in new ways, in ways which would enables us to explore our minds and learn that there is no us and them, that it is ourselves we don’t understand. For when fortunes reverse we would act the same. If we are rich today but our fortune changes and we are poor again, we will want to be rich again. And when we get rich we will not want to lose our fortune. So weather rich or poor we never think of the other’s state. But if we never had to worry about being rich or poor all troubles would go away.


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