Understanding the totality of pain in human race

I think that people who hate are not capable of accepting their own pain. People who see and accept and acknowledge their own pain, they, the ones who allow themselves to experience it and who then reflect upon it. Who try to understand it, and where it comes from and how and why. They come to understand that the people who caused their pain are the individuals who do not understand their own pain. They are the individuals who cannot accept the totality of the fact that the person they loved or the thing they loved will never be there or that it will not be possible to see it again or that it will not be possible to acquire that object due to someone else’s actions. So rather than having to accept the fact that they will never receive what they wanted they decide to substitute what should be a healthy desire that is to receive that from someone else or from somewhere else with the idea of revenge. The revenge gives them a purpose. Rather than acknowledging the pain, they ignore it and imagine that their pain will not go away until they have their revenge. Back and forth. When the people upon whom they execute their revenge do not experience and understand their pain because of the totality of the pain they repeat the process.

This newly realized idea of revenge gives them a purpose. It’s the wrong purpose.

This has been going on for centuries ever since the first half conscious being killed another half conscious being and the third being missed that killed being and experienced anger. As they were not fully aware of this they continued to direct their anger at the other ape rather than trying to help that ape realize that murder would not solve their problem.

 My father and my best friend were killed in a war. But I have faced the pain have to live with it because there is no way to alter the history. But because I know how deep my pain is I know that no other human being should experience this pain and that’s why knowing the totality of the pain renders any notion of revenge illogical, inhuman, impossible, for the experience of that pain is so total that I know that no form of revenge can be considered human or can be justified because I know it’s end result and am reminded of it every day. Knowing that no individual who can commit that ultimate crime can be any humanity left in them makes me realize that I must not become that individual. But the individuals who do not experience the pain but force themselves to deal with the situation by directing their pain at the individuals they deem responsible rather than understanding the pain and separating it from hatred can not know how much pain their actions of revenge would create to another human being because they have not experienced that pain in the first place so they cannot imagine what their revenge would be doing to someone. If they could allow themselves to experience the true consequence of what would become their own actions they would understand why it should be impossible for them to perform acts of hatred. They would know that nothing positive could come from their action, only hatred, for they would be able to discern that if they were ready to perform the very atrocity which they consider to be the most inhuman deed the  result of their action could not create anything else but the same feeling of pain.