If the artist’s content is not original enough to create a new form of expression then it is not strong enough to generate audiences and change their perception of the world. The originality of the story must force the artist to look for new means and forms of expression. Artists cannot look for a new way of expression and then try to create a content for it because it is the content that has to be original and demand a new form of expression. In other words, the artist should not attempt to use new technologies to give a deeper meaning to his idea. The idea itself has to be beyond current technologies. The artist should use his idea and current technologies to refer to new states which are beyond current predictable technologies. Matrix and A Space Odyssey are a great example. The originality of the story is the result of the artist’s unique ability to imagine how current technologies could shape our society. It is not a simple use of the current technologies. For example, a story about exploding cars, no matter how beautiful and detailed the cars are, is just that, a story about exploding cars or exploding robots or exploding spaceships. The writer has not given us an insight into what it means to the characters to be able to drive good cars which can dangerous or safe. But a story, like Matrix, in which the writer creates an idea so great that no current technology can express it, is the place where the writer has to invent new levels of reality and new technologies in order to be able to communicate his or her idea. The idea is so great that the writer has to find a plausible link which links the current world with his imaginary world and in the process the writers comments on our desires and how we deal with the results of our actions. The writer guesses at what might become of us if we continue in a particular direction. The originality of the vision has caused the artist to invent a new way to tell a story, a new way of communication. He has designed new elements within his narrative world. Thus he needs new words to describe his creation. A new language. The idea is so fresh and the artist so aware of the current world and of what it is likely to become that he’s created a new state of being, a new world and has consequently had to create a new language, and he had to make us understand the new language through his film so that we can visit his new place and understand it and as a result of ability to understand the new laws of the new place we can learn about what future holds for us.

He has forced us to create a link with a new place in a new time and to imagine ourselves and our actions in a new place and a new time.


We are not seeing this today because the artists do not create a new imaginary place because they are afraid that no one will like their ideas and that no one will understand their ideas and that’s why they stop earlier. They don’t go far enough. So because they don’t go far enough they settle for clichés. And that’s why all we see is recycled clichés.



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