I wonder how anyone can not want peace. I think that the people who do not want peace are the people who have not experienced peace. They do not know that not everyone wants to hurt them. They cannot begin to conceive total peace because they have not experienced it. If they could take or have enough time to imagine what it would feel like to experience peace then they would know that peace is the most important element anywhere in anything. No foreign policy or weapon is more important than peace. This should be clear. All weapons and policies and politics are designed to maintain peace and create peace yet we are giving them so much of our attention and so many of our resources that no time and no resources are left to create peace. The misunderstanding is that we think that we need weapons or tools, physical tools or ideological tools, to create or maintain peace. But by doing this we are enabling them to come between us and peace. What we need to do is to develop a clear desire or a wish to abandon all tools or actions or ideas which are not peace itself. It is not enough to say that we need to abandon actions which are not peaceful because the problem is that we have become so deluded that we think that weapons can be used for peaceful purposes, we are not capable of making logical decisions because we have become so accustomed to violence and lack of peace. There is no other way for us to create peace except by eliminating any and all elements from our society which are not peace itself.

The problem that we have to solve is that we have become accustomed to non peaceful existence to the point where we are no longer able to perceive the value of peace and therefore we are not capable of giving much value to any actions which bring peace. We know each other and that’s why we know that if one of us puts their weapons aside there is no guarantee that the other will not try to kill us just because they can and not because we are a threat. It is because we know each other that we know what we are capable of doing and that we know that as much as we want peace it is better to hold onto our weapons. If we don’t dispose of our weapons we are guaranteed some kind of safety but if we do put them aside then there is no guarantee of our safety. Therefore no one wants to put their weapons aside and expose themselves to peace. I guess there would have to be the same number of people on each side, wherever there are conflicts, which would be ready to drop their weapons and embrace each other.

How do we accomplish this. It is impossible to do this right now because the number of people with weapons is far greater than the number of people who wish to experience peace and ‘the people with the weapons’ are not ready to allow ‘the people of peace’ to embrace each other.


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