A person is as strong and as determined and as meaningful as the beliefs they hold. If a person grows up without any particular conviction about what they are, about what they can do, if they grow up without any need to feel a determination of any kind then they can be influenced by anyone or anything. They can be influenced by the media or by a group of individuals or by an individual. And that is exactly what happens to most people. And once they have been influenced by other groups or individuals or any other sources of information they have no time to imagine and no time to think and focus on bringing their imagination into the real world.

They don’t have time to create because they have to keep up with expectations. Keeping up appearances. And appearances and expectations are designed by groups and institutions and individuals which are intelligent and which conceal their true intentions so that most people waste their lives on meaningless and trivial matters which have no consequences beyond the task itself. So people continue to perform their inconsequential actions believing that merely existing is sufficient or adequate or meaningful and thus are left wondering why the world is not changing, why it is not becoming a better place.

It cannot and it will not become a better place until each and every individual’s daily intellectual and physical efforts are directed at making the world a better place in any and every way possible and imaginable. The world is a big place and it is getting bigger and bigger every day and the amount of effort it requires to improve it grows every day and that’s why nothing will get better until each and every individual is doing their best to be the best they can because it takes just one individual of inconsequence, of inaction, of negative thinking to destroy decades of physical and intellectual effort of millions of other people. All individuals can and should strive to perceive and attain and contribute to new higher levels or thinking, doing, education, to contribute to elements of art, science, technology which are beyond our current levels of functioning.

Unfortunately, the stronger the individual the less likely they are to agree with other people, thus the less likely they are to be accepted into other peoples’ daily reality where the only important thing is the ability to comply with their daily demands. Thus the more original and determined an individual becomes the more resistance they encounter. Thus the number of people who want to work hard and create original work and make change decreases, who wants to continue to struggle against a tide of social norms. And if the number of people who create and invent becomes so insignificant that they are overrun by billions of inactive, non thinking, non creative individuals who criticize but do not create then our intellectual development will stop.

Technologies and sciences will continue to improve, at least for a while, but their applications will become increasingly destructive. We will continue to use them to demean each other, to kill each other, to entertain our mind and decrease its ability to think and create. There is no simple solution. I think, there will be no true happiness, for anyone, until the day when everyone realizes that none should be following someone else’s expectations but that we have to define our own meaning through our aspirations and our creations, whatever they are.

Group mentality has to disappear. For as long as it exists someone can be included and someone can be excluded. It’s like a tipping point. The world cannot become a better place until the number of people whose ambitions are positive and powerful, thus which can create a change, is greater than the number of lazy uneducated people who do not realize that just by not doing anything else than surviving they are enabling the status quo to continue to exist. And that is the problem.

Just existing might feel good for an individual but it is not enough for the civilization. Not only is not good for the civilization, it is destructive. But our society is designed so that it is possible to continue to exist without ever realizing that the very inconsequential nature of our existence is what is contributing to the destruction of our planet. One cannot see or perceive this until one has elevated her or his mind above his current levels of thinking. But why should one ever feel the need to lift his thinking above the comfortable daily existence and its many meaningless, trivial tasks. No one feels a natural inclination to do so. It is up to the people of intellect who do know of this problem to force our governments to demand more of its young people. It must not force them but teach them how to see this as a natural extension of their being’s abilities and privileges.

The need to better our society should be a natural intellectual tendency instilled in all students’ mind. It should not be promoted as a special talent or a gift or hard work or a privilege of any kind. It should be an expectation. No more demanding and no more unnatural than eating or laughing. For what else is the purpose of education. What is the purpose of parenthood. I think, and I believe it is not too much to ask, to better the world, by bringing into the world a child. Yes to better the world. To better the universe. And no it is not a task, it is not a burden, it is not a privilege for it is life itself. Life itself has to be lived thus by bringing life into the world one is bringing about a responsibility and a possibility to create pain for others. Is there a truer or higher or better meaning to life than to create and aid all other life. And that is exactly what we have to strive to do, with every thought, with every action. And when we do strive in that way, we will separate inaction and trivial from the true action and true thinking. And there can be no change until most people accept this as a regular daily thinking and acting. A natural expectation to expect more from ourselves and others.


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