I think that a definitive definition of our reality cannot exist. Or perhaps one could consider saying that no being will ever be able to perceive all aspects of reality, no matter how old it is or how advanced it is. But then again this depends on the nature of the universe. If the universe is infinite then this would hold true. But if the universe is finite but say infinite in size because its finite system repeats over and over infinitely then one could evolve to the point where one would be able to perceive all dimension of space and time.

 Our perception of reality is defined by the nature of our senses. Our range of perception is very limited. We are perceiving a small group of elements and our intelligence constructs our definition of the universe based on the elements whose existence we perceive. If our senses evolve our perception of the universe will change. It is impossible for us to claim that a god is the ultimate being. Many different types of universes, dimensions and time exist. We do not know what the universe is because we cannot see all of It. For us to claim that we know how it works or who created it and why is ridiculous.

Our god may apply to our particular perception and our particular location as defined by our ability to define our position in space. But this is what we have to acknowledge. Our rules apply to what we can perceive but they cannot apply everywhere because we don’t what everywhere looks like or where everywhere is.

We have to improve our imagination so that we can imagine new dimensions of existence, new ways of existing. But this is the biggest scientific problem and the ultimate limit of our mind. You cannot imagine or measure something you have never seen. All our thinking is influenced by what we perceive and our perception is limited so how do we expand our mind. How do we imagine dimensions, and physical properties and chemical reactions which do not exist and which do not obey the laws of physics.


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