I think, no words can communicate what I feel about life, the universe and other human beings or how much I love them and life, so why say anything at all. Why say anything at all when all my words fail to communicate any of the things I feel. All I can do is strive to communicate what is inside of me through my work and hope that people will see, one day, what is inside of me. I realize now, as I always have, that is the closest the world or anyone else will get to knowing who I am. But I am not here to explain who I am, I am here to do what I can to help people find a meaningful purpose of their own by recognizing and working on my own talents and purpose. And the strangest thing is that being alone, working hard, struggling and being misunderstood never scared me. For I sincerely believe that if I can share part of myself with humanity no struggle is in vain. If just one of my films or one of my stories could mean to someone what Stanley Kubrick’s and Gene Rodenberry’ ideals and stories meant to me I would be a happy man. One humanity and one universe. Undivided and united in purpose to create and understand all life.


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