The world of ‘tomorrow’ was imagined ‘yesterday’ and is being built ‘today’ and the world of ‘today’ is the result of our inability to accept our old mistakes and misconceptions.

The world is entirely in the hands of the individuals who can predict, satisfy and control people’s’ tomorrow’s needs, tomorrow’s technological directions, tomorrow’s cultural trends and tomorrow’s scientific advances. Anyone who lives in the ‘now’ is too late. The world of tomorrow is being built now. This is a natural state. However most people are not aware of this because they are working for the ones who have imagined and planned and designed the ‘tomorrow’. Most people are building this ‘tomorrow’ just by being in their jobs but they never realise this. As what we will need ‘tomorrow’ cannot be built ‘tomorrow’ because that is when we will need it. If one is to change the world one better start thinking of how his ideas will fit with many other ideas, concepts, systems and other dimension of tomorrow. If one tries to create a new idea and integrate it into the today’s world he will be too late because by the time his concept is ready for deployment the world of today will have turned into the world of tomorrow.

One must stay ahead of his own time. If one is to be truly creative one must stay ahead of tomorrow and must design thinking and concepts and art or science which operate in new dimensions of thinking, which are not available today and which will not be available tomorrow, because it is when we try to perceive or understand such advanced creations of imagination that we must attempt to push our thinking to new levels, therein lies the benefit of the most sophisticated, most complex and most intellectually demanding pieces of art or science. They are forcing us to see the world as it could be not as it is, and that is how and why they inspire us to work toward that better place or if the world offered is a dystopian place then we can attempt to rectify the problems before the real world becomes irreparable.

So because the world of ‘tomorrow’ was imagined ‘yesterday’ and is being built ‘today’ and the world of ‘today’ is the result of our inability to accept our old mistakes and misconceptions the only way to improve our present is by deciding to discontinue to ponder over and explain and attempt to understand and disseminate and justify past and current religious, social, political and scientific practices. Doing this is creating a conflict because the past cannot be changed by conducting killing in the present, and once we accept that no amount of killing or violence in the present is going to bring back the dead prophets, religious leaders or restore our cultural or social or political or philosophical status we will be able to use our present to collaborate on our future.

Our present should be spent, entirely, on planning how to improve our tomorrow, to protect what our children will need tomorrow. If we continue to use our present to ponder over the same old issues soon we will have so mismanaged our ‘tomorrow’ that there will not be any tomorrow left. Our focus, in the present, on our past, will have consumed us and so many of our resources, that no time or energy will be left to deal with our true needs of tomorrow. That is we will have used up all of our resources on trying to justify, explain and prove the past which we cannot change anyway that we will not have any tomorrow.

A permanent psycho social and religious misperception of time and therefore of action continues to contribute to ongoing national and international conflicts and formation of stereotypes.


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