Perhaps the origins of the creativity are the realization of the importance of a new and original idea which forms within your mind and the gift is the belief that you have the right to refuse to simplify it, that you have the right not to reduce your imagination to something which can be understood by anyone. If on the other hand you are not brought up in a way which encourages you to be on your own and consider (for a lengthy period of time) any thoughts which occur to you before you break them down and communicate them then you will not be able to realize when an original idea is starting to form in your mind. So because you do not realize the importance of your new idea you adjust your thinking and say to yourself, wait, this is not how most people think, they will not understand me if I think this way or if I behave this way, therefore you abandon your new insights which are the  foundations of your new ideas, and you continue to communicate using the ideas and therefore the concepts which everyone can understand. This same thing applies in arts and sciences. Rather than developing a new language you stick with the same old images, same old, patterns, same old sounds. I guess people continue to perpetuate this state because of their fear of isolation. I’d rather be isolated than oblivious to the beauty of the universe and surrounded by ignorance.


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