Imagine if you could create a product, any product, which could do exactly what it promises to do, imagine if that product could help people do exactly what they want to do and what the product’s creators claim it could do. You would not need to convince anyone of anything. You would not need to spend millions on advertising because you would not need to deceive people into anything because it would work. The less efficient your product is the more convincing and deceitful you have to be. The same thing applies to films. If your story is meaningless, unimaginative, unoriginal, you have to convince people to go and see it. You know what your story has not value and that’s why you need to spend money to convince people to go and see it. In fact you have to generate an artificial story appeal. You have to focus your advertising campaign on something. You have to pretend and design that magical element that the story is about because the story is so bad that it’s not about anything. The reason why people make products which do not work and films without a meaning is because most people are incapable of creating original new products or stories. It’s easier to create a false advertising campaign then it is to create an original product. Instead of creating new content we recycle the old content and develop new forms of advertising.


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