Politicians, scientists and government officials, like any other people, have to solve problems. The problem is that most people think, and think, and think and think and they can go only so far in their thinking. It is understandable. They have to do many other things. They have to take care of businesses, offices to run, travelling, writing, reading, families. But the problem here is obvious. They realize that their thinking is limited and that they will not have infinite amounts of time to solve their problems and that is why they immediately and often I think subconsciously start to use clichéd thinking patterns. This is problematic because it limits their solutions and suggests that if we were to really examine them they might be politically or scientifically inadequate and inefficient or illegal or dishonest but they are accepted because they have been socially accepted and are the next logical step in whatever we are doing. They are what everyone expects to see. Now obviously there is no point in offering solutions which are so radical and new that they cannot be accepted or perceived by anyone else except their creator but there is something to be said about original ideas and solutions. Most original theories and solutions encountered heavy resistance because no one could understand them or see how they could fit into that particular world. No body wants solutions or theories which would make relationships between individuals or groups or communities or countries more difficult. But this particular type of perception is a problem in itself. We need to work on new types of solutions and we need to use new technologies, especially the digital media world, to show people how to accept new solutions which contradict their established views of the world. This means that we have to give ourselves the permission to develop new creative solutions for our social, political, psychological, and economic problems and then we have to learn how to present them in convincing new ways which can disturb the old fashioned ways of perceiving and thinking. Protesting, violence, extreme pacifism or any other extreme forms of protest and opposition are not good ways of doing this because they can be and will misinterpreted and ridiculed and ultimately dismissed by the entities which we wish to affect and change. Unless we find new logical ways with which to instigate a change in thinking little will change in the real world. I think we have to introduce new starting points for our thinking and new thinking patterns. We cannot avoid new creative solutions to our problems because they will be rejected because of the old thinking patterns. We have to create new solutions and present them in new ways. I guess we have to use the media and especially films and TV programs in order to teach audiences how to give themselves the permission to accept new ideas and new suggestions. This requires meaningful and complex stories. Because stories which we have to create have to inform our audiences about new forms of perceptions, new forms of data processing, new forms of communication, new forms of empathy. Our stories have to offer new forms of meaning. Meanings and concepts which have to influence audiences so strongly that their current perceptions of themselves, their perceptions of their own actions toward other human beings, toward the world itself become destabilized. We should not want to, I do not want to, create content which will reinforce audiences’ perception of the society which is letting them suffer. We want to create content which will inform them of the possibilities which remain hidden. Hidden within them, and hidden far away from them. Hidden due to the nature of our social and political order.


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