The world is so damaged on so many levels because most people do what they are expected to do and this means that they think of their behaviour only in terms of social expectations. They do not think about the ultimate truth or validity of their actions. Their judgement is affected by how other people perceive their actions. Whether other people are wrong or their ideologies incorrect does not seem to be something that an average person considers. We are forced to act social, to be seen as social beings. But just pretending and tolerating other people through social etiquette and political etiquette cannot create a true form of peace because the true intentions and feelings are not the ones of peace and what’s worse the true intentions have to be concealed and as we have not expressed ourselves and our  true intentions, feelings and ides, internal frustration builds up. But if each one of us were allowed to be and say and do what we believe we would not have any trouble accept any other individual without attempting to convince them that our idea is more valid, useful, productive, original, better, because we would know that we do not have to convince because we would know that they cannot be like us and do not need to be like us. There would be no imagined question in our mind, are they like me, what can I do to relate to them, do they differ from me so much that I cannot be around them, we would know that we are nothing alike but it would not matter. We form groups because we feel that other individuals in our group will support our ideas or at least not criticize for them. That’s what politics is all about. Manipulation, lies and deception are used as the main tools because the amount of mistrust is so great because the participants’ ideologies are so different that they are not able to tolerate each other’s views in any other way and are not able to communicate in any other way except by trying to manipulate each other and control each other. But if they were to accept the nature of their differences as a normality the fear caused by the difference would disappear and they would not feel the need to manipulate one another. But as nobody is willing to abandon the established pattern of thinking and behaving this cannot happen. Differences, physical and ideological, are not what separate us, they cannot separate us because we are united in our humanity, what sets us apart is the imagined consequence of the difference. Fear. We imagine that because people around us look different or think different or exist in a different environment cannot be the same as us. But their humanity is not affected by any of this. And it is this humanity that we share. Until we recognize this humanity in each other, and see through our differences, we will not be able to share anything.


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