The great misconception is that intellect, logic, and education are not the primary concerns of good stories, but that emotions are. On the contrary the art of storytelling is in the ability to start with pure intellect, a driving idea so full of humanity, originality and intelligence that it is unlike anything else currently available. Starting with a philosophical statement and turning it into a story which can apply to any human being anywhere, that is the art. That is why Aristotle’s characters continue to inspire. His characters are examples of his ideas. Today’s characters are as deep as their meaningless fashion statements permit them to be. It is up to us artists to make it our purpose to look for greater truths and find a way to shape them into meaningful constructs which can affect a large number of people. The arguments expressed in a good story and the core of the story have to be related to the deeper human psyche in ways which the audience is not able to perceive. The writer has to know how to encode the story. How to load it with hidden meaning which the audience might not be aware of but which is at work. This is what separates art from violence and action. Some say that emotion is the most important element of any story and I agree. But the process which creates the emotion or reason for the emotion’s existence has to be deep and life changing otherwise the emotion will not last long. It is when we are changed by the emotion because we have come to learn about its creation, about the reason for its existence that it stays with us. We experience many emotions every day but most of them do not stay with us. The ones that stay with us are the ones that have come from an experience. For example, we decide to take a trip, we search for a place which will offer something we have not seen before, because we want to experience new sensations, we go somewhere, we see something new, think about it, experience it, allow it to affect us, come back, think about it, allow it to change us, and we are left with a positive happy emotion about the place. The same with story telling. Viewers are searching for a meaning. But if there is nothing that will stay with them, if there is nothing that touches who they are when they are there in the cinema, if they travel and find the same thing they see and know, they might get excited by how it has been captured and preseneted but they will not be moved by the content and will not get in touch with themselves because they have not experienced anything new. The way the content has been presented is new but the content itself is not new. Violence, sex, drugs, and meaningless action are nothing new, regardless of how well captured they are. And all this is continuing to happen despite the fact that the general audience intelligence level is getting higher. Audiences are not looking for visual brilliance in ordinary stories. They are looking for extraordinary stories whose concepts are so brilliant that they cannot exist in ordinary environments. A car chase is car chase no matter how you film it. But an extraordinary story will dictate its own unique digital environment which will be beautiful, interesting and educational, and people will want to experience it again and again because as soon as they leave the cinema they will return to the reality and will yearn for the extraordinary story world and the emotions created by travelling through its exotic reality.


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