Most people exist completely outside of the true reality and outside of the actual universe that we all share. They exist only within their own defined reality and anything that does not cooperate with their definition of reality is seen as foreign, strange, something which needs to be changed. They are so immersed in what they think is important that they cannot see that in their thinking and in their conversations they are constantly judging and criticizing other peoples’ actions, property, thinking, anything that contradicts their notion of reality. Their judgements and comparisons do not stop, they are ongoing. It is their way of existing. Indeed this is their existence. The purpose of their existence is to look for something that will make them feel better about themselves. They are so immersed in comparing, criticizing and talking about irrelevant physical objects that they have no time to consider the actual size of the universe and to try to place themselves and their notions of their own universe within the actual universe and to try to think if their perceptions of reality are important, relevant, or useful, or if they are damaging. That’s why they never become aware of the complexities of the universe and the true beauty that remains undiscovered until it is revealed in the moments of creative spontaneity. And because they do not see the universe  they cannot see its hidden beauty and that’s why they do not feel the need to look for it through the creative process and that’s why they have all the time to focus on the meaningless words, constantly recycling the words and recycling the meaningless daily habits which give them no satisfaction. They have been brought up in a particular universe and cannot begin to consider the fact that they are completely irrelevant, that all of us are irrelevant, and that the universe does not exist because of us. To them their existence is about them and not about anything else. To them they are the most beautiful and the most important thing and everything else is secondary. Anything else which does not comply with their definition cannot be loved. To be loved one has to give them what they need. Beauty on its own cannot be appreciated. But the only relevant thing is knowledge. Any physical items, building, objects, anything, are temporary concepts. They are cosmic blinks. The only thing that survives time is knowledge. Life is not about living the life you know but about discovering the life you don’t know. The more you do what you know you can do every day, the more you talk about the things that are familiar to you, the more you surround yourself with the people you know the less you grow, the less you can see the real universe. The problem is that most people do not want to accept the fact that the nature of the universe has nothing to do with our perception of it. When we ignore the facts and perpetuate racism, stereotypes, and prevent any new changes to social and political systems we demonstrate our inability to accept new states of being. If are to grow as a race we have to welcome new ideas, new directions, new states of being. The universe is not limited by our limitations which have imposed on it because of our limited senses. Any ideas we have about anything should be flexible and changeable. The problem is that most people do not stop to consider the size of the universe. If they were to consider the number of stars, the size of the space, they would realize their insignificance but they do not begin to comprehend the space around them. They don’t know where they exist. They cannot see that the point of life is not to define your own reality and exist within it, obeying the rules of the social etiquette, family tradition, or any other custom, the life is about discovering
the true state of the universe and that has nothing to do with our limited systems. We limit ourselves by existing within what we know. And we will continue to be limited and exist within what we know as long as we don’t give ourselves the permission to look around and look for and experience what we don’t know. The important consequence of all this is that most people never talk about anything of any consequence. They talk about what is relevant to them. But they do not talk about or look at topics which apply to all humans. What this means is that they do not care about or acknowledge the entire human race and its condition and its complexities. In their eyes they are doing the right thing thus by saying that they are doing the right thing they exclude themselves from the world. They think that they do not need to be part of the solution to the world’s problems because they are doing the right thing by being what they are. But by excluding oneself from certain portions of population and saying we are better than they are and they need to follow our example they excluding themselves from the entire human race. Criticizing what people do, how they do it, how they speak, how much money they have, how they dress, their social or political ideas, means that they are only talking about themselves, that is they think that they are talking about the difference and about how other people differ from them and from what is right or moral but if they were to focus their intellect and senses on the actual larger universe within which their universe exists they would conclude that the possibilities are endless and that by talking about how other people differ they are actually suggesting that the entire universe is wrong because it differs from their preconceived notions. But if different people live in different environments they will develop different ideas, perceptions, needs. Isn’t this normal. Is it impossible to accept them without talking about them as something different. Different from what. To each one of us the other is different but should not this point us to the higher logic here. We should conclude there is nothing different about anyone of us. We are separate entities. Only when we realize that we cannot be THE SAME TO BEGIN WITH will our intellect expand and stop to expect to see one race, behaving in one particular way. Only when we realize that we cannot be THE SAME to begin with will we realize that is there is no difference, there is nothing different about us, at all, in any way. We are all human. But we are unique. We have to accept our uniqueness and see it as uniqueness but not as a difference. People can wear anything they want, talk any way they want to talk, eat anything they want to eat, live anywhere they want to live, the universe is so large and choices and notions of aesthetic, love, design so different that it is impossible to determine which one is more valid. We should enjoy the universe. Not classify it in order to feel safe within it. By classifying it in order to feel safe within it we limit our experience of it.


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