Looking for beauty in every little detail is finding the beauty of life

It is not important to do things because they have to be done because the truth of our existence is that they don’t have to be done. Because if we exist only to live and do nothing else with our existence and think that we need to live then that is a lie because we do not need to live. The universe will continue without us. It does not need us to do anything. Other people can continue without us. The truth is that we do not have to do anything. We do not have to exist. We do not have to get up and do our average things. The truth is that we chose to do this. But our choice does not make our existence important. We are generating our own importance by choosing to exist. It is our choice to do things with the least amount of effort because we are focused on so many unimportant things and we think we have to do all of them. But we don’t have to. We should focus on the important things, the things which come from our own bodies and minds, and try to do them at a different level and redefine our daily existence through every movement, whether it’s making love and searching for a new pleasure or making a dinner and searching for a new taste or writing a book and searching for a new idea or weeding a garden and searching for the best and most efficient way to deal with it. The pleasure of life, from how I experience it, is revealed in each moment only if you are searching for its beauty, for the beauty of the moment, and not in doing it because you have to, because you don’t have to be here, you don’t have to do it, that’s not why you live, none of us do, but being here is a gift, because it offers the opportunity to search for new insights, an opportunity to search for the moment of pleasure, not just in great things like arts, but in anything. A quest for perfection in each little thing we do. This adds up to give shape to a larger form of perfection and beauty. To find happiness and excitement and fun. The point of our existence is not to do our things at the same level or degrade to lower levels of existence. So how is it possible that people do not understand this.  I don’t know. How can intelligence exist without striving for more intelligence.  It seems logical to me that the intelligence’s need has to be to increase its intelligence.