Guns, like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pornography and other forms of addictions, obsessions and various forms of mental disorders are a way of dealing with unacknowledged anxieties, neuroses and psychoses and are not a normal human behaviour. The fact that we maintain such behaviours and have legislations which support them does not make them valid, useful, healthy or required. Rather than addressing the general explanation of why we think we need guns it would be far more useful to discuss the reason why we think we need guns with a qualified and experienced mental health practitioner who could point out some of the errors in our perception. Errors in thinking are errors in logic. Starting points of arguments cannot be proved logically regardless of how logical you are, your conclusions will be determined by your starting point which is your perception, not by the excellence of the logic. Logic from a wrong perception can give the appearance of a truth with a resulting action that is dangerous. We must learn how to change our perceptions about guns, drugs, race, etc. Simply, members of any group, a group of drug users, rapists, or people who like to drive fifty kilometres an hour above the speed limit will constantly reinforce other members’ habits, views and opinions. That is why this is not worthy of an argument. There is a need to pause, reflect, determine and then examine, examine closely, deeply and personally the need to maintain such behaviours. What is required is a personal reflection without outside influence, and yes with somebody who can interpret our motivations and fears because an individual cannot interpret his or her motivations. An individual cannot examine themselves from another person’s point of view without wanting to learn how to do it and how to understand the source of their personality, its fears, anxieties, neuroses, and so on. One needs to learn how to empathise and relate to other human beings. Unfortunately, our psyche is designed to bypass the complex and deal with situations in safest and fastest of ways. Fortunately, we are starting to learn that our instinctive fears, beliefs and anxieties must not guide our actions. Our actions must be assessed and controlled for the benefit of humankind. We are no longer animals. We are capable of designing highly complex actions which can have positive influence on all human beings and because we can do this it is our duty to do so. We all have fears and anxieties. We are designed that way. We cope with them in different ways. Unfortunately, some of us cannot cope with them and ignore their anxieties and neuroses and fears. Instead they make them public and project them as policies and principles which are neither good, nor right nor sound and which create conflicts. And they look to others with similar forms of fears and anxieties. And those who perpetuate them cannot acknowledge the problem because they cannot perceive it.  They cannot perceive it because they are unwilling to acknowledge their personal anxieties thus they cannot acknowledge that the reason why they have formed policies and why they maintain their view is not because the fear or the need are real but rather because they are unwilling to deal with their fears and so they cannot recognize that it’s easier to claim that we need to maintain current laws and regulations than it is to deal with personal fears. And just because we have developed wrong policies, regardless of what they are called, it does not mean that they must continue to exist. We need to deal with our own fears, our individualities and grow and change the environment so it is more peaceful, healthy, friendly, tensions free, weapon free, drug free, and so on, which will create space and give us time to focus on ourselves and fellow human beings will lead to new personal realizations and growth and group and public realizations and changes. So rather than looking at others with guns and thinking about the legislation. Ask yourself how can I grow and change so not only would I not feel the need to carry a gun but so I would not feel the need not think about this issue, at all, let alone allow it to affect me. Because compared to the real issues, like hunger and fear, it is, after all, completely irrelevant. Unfortunately, we cannot begin to deal with the real issues until we acknowledge our own selves and our anxieties and that is why we are not directing our efforts and resources to where they are nedeed.


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