The more creative you want to be the more evolved you have to become which means that you have to become more individuated thus you become more moral and this makes it harder to function because you cannot accept most things most people say and do just so you could get along. You have to examine anything any person says and dose. Furthermore, you have to determine how to present your interpretations and treatments of reality in your art. And you have to assess what consequences your art might have on the world around you. This becomes a problem because just the fact that you like to think about every little action, on your own, and the fact that you do not want to follow any groups and their ideals, including friends, is how you alienate people. But it is because of the ability to think like an individual and see the gaps in logic that one can create new ideas, concepts and designs that deal with problems which so many cannot see. The more individual you become, the more you grow as an individual, the less hope there is that you will connect with other people because most of them ignore their individuality and do what they are expected to do. That is why our evolution, our intellectual progress has been so slow. The number of people who are ready to see the world for what it is and deal with it the way it is so small that any change they bring about is neutralized by all the other individuals who behave in unthoughtful ways without even being aware that they are being unthoughtful. We do not need to create more new theories. We need to create a reliable, practical and simple system which would enable us to deploy all our positive and practical ideas. A system which will teach people how to think and behave in a new, more thoughtful and compassionate ways. What is am saying is, we do not need to look for better theories. What we need to do is design practical new systems or methods of education, of bringing up our children, and of developing their minds so that they become more aware of their individuality and therefore of how their environment and other individuals shape their individuality. We do not need new or better theorise. A small group of individuals is starting to realize what is wrong with us and what we need to do now is teach the rest of the world how to think and feel on their own so and by doing that they would stop perpetuating negative practices. We do not need more new theories. We need to find out how to implement them.


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