The less we know the more we depend on others’ definitions of everything without being able to realize our dependence on them. There is no way to end our dependence on external sources of information and external ideologies until we become aware that we don’t know how to observe and analyze events on our own.

It is so hard for us to observe and analyze events because we have not been given an opportunity to learn how to use our senses. From early childhood we are forced to fit into thinking and behavioral patterns that perpetuate the system. Instead, we should be encouraged to use our senses to look for inner and external truths in all thoughts and actions, in order explore ourselves and the universe. But we accept lies for the sake of fitting in thus perpetuating the status quo.

We negotiate this self ignorance and self denial by attempting to change the status quo by blaming different institutions and others instead of learning how to shape our own thoughts and actions. Institutions, even the biggest and the most powerful institutions in the world, are made up of individuals who are just like ourselves.

So, the question remains, how can we break the bond between what we define as the mainstream media, the mainstream products, the mainstream ideas, the mainstream lifestyle and the truly positive, healthy and personal choices. I think the answer is by making it clear that there is nothing MAIN STREAM ABOUT THEM.  They are not the mainstream things because they are not good for all beings. Only those who create them and control them benefit from them. Those who create them and control them have defined them as the mainstream things in order to convince us that they are good for us so that we would buy them so they can create a profit.

There is no ‘mainstream’ and ‘independent’. There is the truth and there is the lie. Systems and ideas designed to benefit only those create them and control them are false and system and ideas designed to benefit all beings are true.


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