It is not important to try to change anyone or anything, and it is not important to try to convince anyone of anything. The important thing is to search for the truth in everyone and everything and it is important not to stop searching for the truth despite any obstacles, despite any discomfort it can create. Because it is that search that will reveal the true intentions of every person and every situation you encounter. When discovered and exposed, the true intentions and the true actions will speak with more precision and will provide a description of that person that exceeds anything that the person would be willing to tell you about themselves or would know about themselves. And that ultimate truth, whether it is wanted or not, will create a change.

I think, while it is useless to try to change people or their ways in any way, what we have to do is reveal what makes them the way they are, what makes us what we are, and record it, and that will help future generations learn about themselves and therefore change our civilization’s perceptions of itself.


The more wrong the person is the more convinced they are that what they are doing is right because their perception and definition of the reality is so removed from the true reality that there are no links of any kind to the real truth of any kind or the real nature of the universe. Look at Hitler. He was so wrong yet it was impossible to convince him that his entire ideology was based on his inability to deal with his own psyche, his limitations, that he was unable to accept his fragile human body. Nothing could have changed him. But in that very sad fact, which is his ignorance, is our greatest lesson. Not only did he never learn the truth about the meaning and value of life, he designed his own reality, surrounded himself with people who would encourage it, and decided to destroy anyone who opposed it.


That is exactly what groups, families and clans, parties, clubs, societies, nations, and countries do. And until all of them accept the ultimate shared truth which is that we are ‘human’ and share ‘humanity’ and have to face and acknowledge our good side and our bad side, there will be no love and no peace.


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