If we want to change the world we have to assess the nature of our jobs.

If you hate your job and you know it is harming other beings than make it your goal to do whatever you can, when you are not working, to end the need for that job.

I think that all of us can do it by asking a few simple questions.

1. What is the end product and how is the component I am making or the service I am providing contributing to it.

2. How is the end product going to be combined with other products and services.

3. Once combined, will their use harm other beings.

4. If they are going to harm other beings, what can I do to make people aware of their harmful effects.

5. Can I get a job that is more useful to all beings. If I cannot get another job, what can I do, when I am not working, to repair the damage and make the position irrelevant.


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