Some thoughts about science and fiction.

Thinking about my science fiction novel.

How about a method that would enable scientists to think more effectively about different dimensions or about regions of space where the two most important laws of physics (the gravitational force and the electromagnetic force) found in our plane of existence do not apply.
We could begin by cataloguing the defining features of the above mentioned laws and then we could begin to assemble a system which

But we would encounter a problem as soon as we begin. Where do we begin.

As soon as we begin to observe our list of properties that define how matter behaves we would have to realize that we would be or could be or would have to be existing in a place without matter.

The gravitation and electromagnetic laws are give shape to all matter.

If we try to imagine a place where gravity is not relevant then we have to ask what force would influence and shape matter. Thus we would realize that we could not be talking about matter or even antimatter. Thus we begin to realize that forming a starting point is incredibly difficult.

How are we to teach our scientist about the infinite possibilities of the universe if we cannot imagine a place without any known properties. If we cannot imagine a default place that he could alter as he wants.

Is it possible to imagine a dimension that is nothing like our own dimension.


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