I would go so far as to say that it is impossible to depict a universal reality. It is impossible to talk about a universal reality. There are only planes of existence. We can talk about different planes of existence but I think that we cannot talk about the reality or a reality as some universally shared constant. I mean it is shared by us on this planet and in this galaxy and in this dimension.

However, we must not forget that our senses and therefore our perceptions are shaped by the laws of nature that govern our plane of existence. In our plane of existence, in this dimension, the gravity and the electromagnetic forces create some of the most important laws that shape our senses and impose a specific set of limitations on them. What we can see, how fast we can travel, up and down, positive and negative states. This means that our senses can perceive only the part of the universe that falls within the range created by the laws of nature that are at work within this portion of the universe or our plane of existence.

What about everything else that we cannot perceive, that we do not know how to perceive, that we do not know how to imagine.

I think that an interesting task would be to try to imagine what it is that we cannot imagine. Or to try to imagine universes without our laws of nature.

In other words we should try to catalogue and imagine the physical factors that limit our imagination and then create our imagination from scratch by reducing all the known elements that dictate the physical properties of our dimension. Put it simply, invent ourselves in a place in which our laws of physics do not apply.

I think in order to be a successful, compassionate thinker one should begin by imagining oneself in a different dimension.

I suppose this means that one could find the pure truth of his or her plane of existence or his or her dimension by reducing any situation to its purest, simplest physical elements. No opinions. No suggestions, no guesses, no thoughts, just facts. Conclusions based on the most basic rules that guide that particular dimension. No beliefs.

I guess this would help us determine all the physical elements, and our beliefs based on our ambitions to acquire those elements, which are preventing us from imagining other dimensions.

Significant discoveries have been made in the last twenty years or so regarding antimatter, dark matter, and black holes. I think the term antimatter is particularly interesting because our ability to understand it and depict it could open doors to other dimensions. Antimatter is composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge.

I am interested in what separates the normal matter from the antimatter. Or what must be the result of their influence on each other. Do they have to exist at the same time.

But even the antimatter problem or the antimatter reality is very indicative of the nature of our current dimension.


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