Physical structures (buildings and cities, even clothes) that house our bodies are not as important as our bodies, because our bodies contain our minds, and our minds can redesign any environment or any thing. Therefore our environments (buildings, cities, even clothes) should be changing in order to in order to improve our bodies’ and therefore our minds’ functions.

I think the next logical thought should be: the mind should be taught how to imagine, design and build the most useful environment for the body. Unfortunately, this is not happening. It is not happening because we are not taught how to permit ourselves to be efficient thinkers and therefore we are not able to perceive the need to imagine more efficient and useful environments.

A large number of concerns expressed by international readers and viewers who are familiar with The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco (please google it as I do not include links on this page ) addresses the ideologies that would have to be put in place in order to turn Mr. Fresco’s designs into physical structures.
One of the main arguments is that the new environment would resemble a dictatorship. I think this argument demonstrates the public’s lack of understanding of the basic laws of nature (as well as the basic laws of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology).

Mr. Fresco keeps stressing that we must stop making irrational decisions. He suggests that most of our current decisions are influenced by the ego, fears, local customs, border protection policies, foreign relations polices, and so on, and that they are not the most efficient decisions our civilization can make. Such decisions are designed to keep ‘our’ resources within ‘our group’ or ‘our community’ or ‘our state’ or ‘our nation’. The imagined need to protect ‘ourselves’ and ‘our resources’ is forcing us to design and maintain incredibly inefficient systems and perform incredibly inefficient actions.

Mr. Fresco suggests that human beings need to learn more about scientific thinking, scientific methods and scientific modes of communication. He suggests that numbers, formulas, and specific scientific designs would reduce our ability to misinterpret information. An improved understanding of information would force us to change the fundamental structure of the langue. This in turn would improve how we communicate. Our ability to trust one another would increase which would improve our relations which would improve how we design our world and how we use our resources.

We have to accept that we need to learn how to remove any irrational fears and anxieties from our thoughts and from our behaviors. Introducing scientific observations, logic, and calculations into everyday thinking would enable us to make rational decisions. But more importantly, I think, it would reduce so many of our unnecessary behaviors and habits to very simple sets of actions. I think this is what scares so many people. Our lives are driven by irrational fears caused by limited perceptions. Most of us observe the physical world that surrounds us but are unable to determine how or why it functions the way it does because we have not been equipped with the basic scientific knowledge. Therefore most of us cannot base our actions on our own interpretations of events, on our own knowledge, thus we believe we have to continue to repeat the patterns established by our parents, friends or different institutions.

I think that so many individuals fail to perceive the project’s potential to create the world in which we would have the time and space to practice our true creativity. Many readers and viewers panic when Mr. Fresco suggests that all the buildings within the new environment would be identical because at this particular point in time ‘this’ particular building design is the most efficient way to capture, store , and retrieve energy; preserve food; maintain appropriate environments for plants, etc. The same reaction occurs when he suggests that we should not be thinking about cars; what we need is an efficient mode of transportation. Many equate Mr. Fresco’s desire to universalize and simplify the environment to dictatorship. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the basic science knowledge that enables one to identify and imagine the most efficient shapes, systems and structures.

Many say ‘I want my own house, my own car, my own chair, my own whatever. I want to design it, I want to create it’. Many forget that Mr. Fresco’s goal is the ultimate form of freedom. An environment that would enable each one of us to focus on our internal selves and release our creative energies in the way that could transform the world. How we decorate our room or what we wear or what we drive may make us feel good and it may indicate what we like and it may be important to us now, in this particular environment. However, such activities fade into insignificance when we compare them to being able to realize and then record and communicate our deepest realizations, dreams, visions and creative ideas and allow them to influence other people and future generations.

It is precisely because our current environment and its associated lifestyle keep us so busy that we are unable to observe the extent to which our current notions of creativity and self expression are restricted by the defining features of that environment; restricted to it and nothing else beyond it.

Note. I think I will expand on this subject. The limits of our definitions of creativity. Beyond it are a number of other realms. Digital realms. Bio Chemical realms. How can we plug our consciousness into them and use them to expand our consciousness and our mind’s potential and increase our sense of empathy.


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