The ones perpetuating the current socio economic system are the ones who are benefiting from it hence they don’t feel any need to participate in its change. Their lack of desire to change is created by a genuine form of ignorance created by a stable and wealthy lifestyle.

Nothing will happen until we organize to the point where our ideologies turn into physical actions and lifestyles that can prevent the existing ideologies, structures and institutions from creating and supplying products and services that continue to increase their power by increasing the amount of the invisible assets (stock, digital data, digital landscape, etc.) they own.

We need a simple, step by step guide that would help every single person in the world learn how to do the most important things they have to do in their everyday lives (working in their jobs, cooking, cleaning, exercising, building, gardening, repairing their car, and so on) in a new way. In a way that would reduce the need to purchase things and use money. I think the key to creating the systems proposed by Jacques Fresco and Peter Joseph is to develop a system that would use money to reduce the need to create more money thus leading to its extinction. We cannot make the current system disappear. We must make a plan for dismantling it. And then we must deploy that plan, world wide, before it’s too late, before the internet is no longer free, and I am very convinced that the internet will not remain as free as it is now, because it is the ultimate threat. The threat whose very nature is forcing the gate keepers to alter it in order to limit its potential to create change. Unfortunately, it’s nature is such that it dictates censorship.

Instead of investing money into stock and invisible assets that create more money and more invisible assets, we have to invest it into permanent physical and non physical structures that will reduce banks’ and corporations’ ability to create more money and invisible assets. This process has to start on a personal level.

I am writing an extremely long and detailed but at the same time an extremely simple guide that I hope will help us perform a large number of our daily actions in ways that will prevent us from having to use money to buy expendable products. Put it this way. Imagine if we could develop a guide that would teach us how to start buying not what we need, not the expandable stuff, but the tools and materials and books that would enable us to create and maintain our own things. I think that after a generation or two we would be able to function as an independent system and would not have to purchase anything. It contains practical instructions. Step by step actions. No propaganda. No theory. No ideology. It’s as simple as how to change your oil filter.

It will take a long time to create the guide, it is without an end as once it’s on line, for free of course, people will be able to add to it. I hope that by translating it into as many languages as possible and distributing it to every factory, every company (not to managers, directors and ceos, but to low wage workers), every school, every mine, every farm, and so on, every individual in every suburb, we will begin to create a global society that will begin to move away from the monetary system. Thus rendering money, economy, wealth, stocks, land ownership less and less important. I am talking about baby steps.

Our shared reality is created through actions performed by individual beings and it is only by changing one individual at a time that we can begin to change our reality.


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