I have come to an incredible conclusion. The wealthy have to use their wealth to isolate themselves, psychologically and emotionally and physically, from the rest of the world in order to maintain some kind of sanity. If they were to stop using their wealth to maintain the barriers between themselves and those rendered poor by the need to perpetuate wealth, their conscious realization of the extent of their greed would annihilate their conscious and subconscious thoughts in an instant. Their realization of the perverseness and pointlessness of the need to acquire wealth in order to be able to acquire more wealth would destroy their sanity.

Therefore they have to use their wealth to create a barrier that prevents them from witnessing the consequences of their own actions. I was not able to understand how intelligent individuals like Bill Gates could not see that by perpetuating the need to acquire wealth they are perpetuating poverty, struggle, and misery.

They are concerned with running their businesses and using their charities to help the people whose lives they destroy. They are completely oblivious to the fact that their need to create wealth is an addiction and that it is destroying people’s lives. By ignoring the addiction and focusing on running businesses they give themselves an opportunity to redeem themselves via charity and donations thus never having to deal with the addiction.

I am thinking how important it is to explain this process to them and how difficult it is to do that.
What a messed up psyche.


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