People fail to observe that when they don’t understand something they use general words that cannot describe the idea, object or person they are observing. Furthermore, they fail to observe that those words do not describe their feelings about what they are observing.

For example, when people do not understand something they describe it as strange, unusual, different, weird, new, bizarre, ridiculous, unexpected, or they use many other words without any particular meaning.

The fact that their words do not offer a specific description of the observation or of their feelings about the observation suggests that the individual who is using them is not capable of assigning a specific meaning to what they are observing or to the feelings they are experiencing.  They are not able to do so because they do not realize that they need to compare it to their mind and its intellectual habits and to their body and its physical habits and to their thinking patterns created by the two sets of habits and then try to make an educated guess about how and why their sets of habits make them think and feel whatever it is they think and feel  about the event.

In other words, they need to determine what it is about them and their thinking and their behavior that causes them to perceive and describe the idea, object or person as something unusual.

The problem is complicated because they don’t know that they need to compare it to their patterns of thinking and behaving and they don’t know how to do it. Their inability to do so perpetuates ignorance because they cannot wonder ‘why have I selected this non descriptive word’, thus a relationship between them and the idea, object or person cannot begin to form. It is dismissed as an invalid event because it does not fall within their pattern of thinking and behaving.  






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