Today, the digital realm (my phrase for anything digital shared over a network) is loaded with the consequences of our actions, making ignorance an impossibility, and empathy a new currency. Its vibrations extending into our shared reality and forcing us to reshape our perceptions and our reality. Our existence, or our ‘reality’ if you wish, is vibrating with an unperceived tension whose frequency is suggesting the farthest consequences of activism, metaphorically speaking of course, lol.

As I watch Ms. Martin’s interview with Mr. Ventura I begin to realize how significant their statements are, and how the realizations expressed therein, and our collective actions, those of us who believe in truth and in the need for a new world, are fragmenting our reality. It is because we want to learn so much and know so much that we are creating a new state of existence, but only for ourselves. By ‘ourselves’ I mean our generation. Our constant search for truth, the unending learning process, perpetual stimulation of our senses via the shared digital realm are giving birth to a new state of mind. The new state of mind is beautiful but at the same time so powerful that it could be perceived as dangerous because it will create a change that I think will unite the world, fragment the world, or destroy the world.

The beauty of the mind that questions everything, like Ms. Martin does in the interview, like so many of us who grew up in the digital realm do, is that we are trying to create a better world for everyone. But, our new state of mind, actually, as I write this I am beginning to realize that perhaps it’s more than just a state of mind, perhaps it’s our new state of being. Yes, our new state of being is something that the previous generation will not be able to approach in any way. Perhaps it is something that we cannot share with them, in any way.

Our post-post technological and post-post economic realization, as I call it, is what is causing us to reshape our lives. We are giving a new shape to our lives. It’s a shape that those who were born before us cannot begin to comprehend. I think their mind is lacking a dimension of perception that we have acquired because of our interaction with other human beings through the digital realm, and because of our interaction with the digital realm. The digital realm has affected the neural design and the neural connections within our brains to the extent that nobody thought possible. It has increased our sense of empathy. Not in every individual who uses a computer, but in some, in many. It’s a new and complicated topic.

Despite our efforts to create a better world and express the ultimate truth of the moment, our every thought and our every action is creating a state of being that is by default going to separate us from the old school of thought. Now more than ever because every thought and every realization and every truth are shared in the digital realm. Those who wish to share in this experience will grow but those who are not interested in it will be unable to connect with the truth of our shared moments and their importance, to us, and to them, to all of us.

To me, this is in some ways sad. It is our intention to connect with all human beings yet we cannot do so. It is our intention to increase our collective level of empathy yet we cannot do so. Our purpose is to connect and learn, their purpose is to acquire wealth and create security, precisely because they do not know how to connect, hence they cannot trust.

The nature of the connections we are sharing through the digital realm is something they cannot begin to comprehend because it has not been with them since their childhood. The previous generation cannot assign the same level of importance to other beings because they have not been able to share so much, so quickly, almost instantly, with so many different people, all their lives, like we have. To them, the digital construct of ‘the other individual’, as represented in the cyberspace, will never mean as much as it does to us.

I think it is ‘the digital construct’, among other things, that is helping us develop a new dimension of empathy within us. Thus, adding to our overall sense of empathy. Thus, forcing us to look for new solutions. Yes, post-post technological, post-post economic solutions because we are so well connected to the rest of the world that we have come to witness the true consequences of our wealth.

It was easy for the previous generations when they did not have to deal with the consequences of their business decisions. It was easy when the corporations could go to foreign countries and rape their lands and extract their resources and the people of those countries had no voice, had no digital presence.

Only those who refuse to use the new technologies to open their minds can afford to enjoy the fruit of their ignorance. The rest of us, we want to connect with our fellow human beings, but, in the process we are alienating the old fashioned thinkers who have not been taught how to perceive the digital realm’s more humanistic applications.

They will continue to use the digital realm in order to control us, turn us against one another, and ultimately to try to conceal their intentions and hide any actions performed in what they deem to be foreign lands. All this signifies the totality of their actions (to hide the truth) and their belief that it is possible to keeps one’s action covert signifies their total misunderstanding of the redefined human condition, that there are no foreign countries and no foreigners anymore, only fellow human beings.


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