An important note on the differences among the institutions that we call The Government, The Military Force, The Police Force that stem from their ancient origins. Many of us are not aware that once upon a time, thousands of years ago, they existed as a single body, the conquering force. One could study the ancient Europe, Americas, China or Japan and will find the same thing. One group of powerful individuals, a tribe, or a family or a clan would invade and occupy another group of individuals and their land. But the Europeans, Japanese and Chinese began to wonder how to make their conquering forces and the entire system more efficient.

To make a long story short they decided that it’s best to leave some of the forces at home to maintain stability and serve as a fresh backup (police) and use the rest to invade and occupy new lands and establish their presence there (military) and to govern it all via the central command (the government).

The most resilient residents of any new lands would be rounded up and killed and their property and any recorded ideological constructs (books, libraries, statues, religious monuments, etc.) destroyed. The occupants of the new lands would be treated as slaves and would perform any duties necessary to ensure the royals can maintain their affluent lifestyles.

The British refined this process even further, primarily in order to make their system of governance even more efficient and productive. They civilized the war. They made massacring and violence appear logical and necessary. The terms such as class, different levels of aristocracy, different types of clothes, and last names or surnames had been introduced in order to adapt the conquered people to their place in society. Needless to say many, other nations did the same thing. Something that many British historians and British government members have trouble talking about and would like to believe that the monarchy’s severe laws and unfair treatment of working class citizens stemmed from their intention to maintain the overall well being of the state.

If that is not the greatest piece of long term planning and long term project management I don’t know what is. Creating a peaceful, submissive working class, worldwide, that would serve their children and their children’s children. Ad infinitum.

People are realizing what is happening and their realization which leads to action is forcing the government to erase the difference that separated it the from the police force and the difference that separated the police force from the military force. The power elite is having trouble solving the following problem: the more the three institutions untie the more apparent it becomes that the world is run by the power elite that is the conquering force itself and that it cannot care about ‘people’ for its actions reveal that it sees them as its property. Not as a part of its own being. Therefore, the history suggests that it has never viewed the conquered individuals as a part of itself. We were not aware of the instinct, fear, ego and psyche. But now we are, and it is our duty to admit that we can and therefore must control our intellect. It is not an easy thing to do, but we have to do it if we are to continue to exist on this planet.

It is very sad and therefore very hard to admit that all of our greatest achievements had been funded by endless masses of fellow human beings. The working class people. Poor, sad, sick, troubled children, women and men have been suffering for decades, unnecessarily, century after century, without acknowledgment, without respect. We have to admit that this is still happening and that it must end.


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