Expressing intimate feelings

Wow. The comments here. Most men here are ten and under. lol. Yet to become fully self aware, let alone aware of others’ and women’s needs.

Well, yes, that’s right, our society was designed by the athletic but brainless macho male. The image of the sexy sexual woman projected by the media is not what women are or need to be, is it. Furthermore, all women feel sexual, they feel their desires, they feel intimate, multilayered, regardless of their size and shape. Those things have nothing to do with the media’s construct, which is designed by men, and which appears to say that only tall, slim blondes feel sexy and sexual. Or they do have something to do with the media construct to the extent to which women have come to accept that they should satisfy the male fantasy, or to the extent to which they have been forced to do so, by men.

Ever since the dawn of self awareness macho males have had very little time to consider and explore their thoughts, feelings, and desires. Hunting, gathering, fighting, that kind of stuff is what drives men. We are spending very little time getting to know ourselves, let alone women, therein lies our problem. For men sex is like a sneeze or an itch. You feel it, you scratch it, you don’t think about it again, until you feel it again.
In the western culture sex is not used to deepen one’s relationship with oneself and with the other person. Hence our general lack of awareness of women’s bodies and its needs. But even the briefest, most meaningless, most wild intercourse is a deep personal relationship because whether or not one realizes it, it affects him or her on many different levels. Any encounter is deep and powerful, though not necessarily long, stable, or permanent, for they shape how we feel about ourselves in the future. For sex has everything to do with the way we express ourselves, which is dictated by the partner’s presence. Their presence affects and determines how we feel about ourselves and them, therefore how we communicate our desires, especially secret desires. What we express and what we suppress and which one we think we should do moment to moment is what allows us to get to know our bodies. Yes, those thoughts, feelings, and desires which so many men never consider.

The extent to which we feel free to communicate our deepest expressions of ourselves and ask and allow the partner to communicate their deepest expressions of themselves and their desires so we can see them and absorb them and allow them to stimulate us so we can see how we feel about them and if they might inspire us to discover new deeper levels of expression and pleasure has everything to do with how intimate and satisfying the whole thing is. And how we communicate about all this, and if we do, shapes who we are and how we relate to ourselves, our children and other people.

So our ability to explore and get to know our bodies is determined by our ability to give and receive and how free we feel to do so. It’s why sex is linked with our sense of self worth. But like with so many other things we are not all that in touch with ourselves.

Sex is discussed, for example by many men right here, as if it existed independently of all the other things that happen to us in our lives when in fact all those things that happen to us are exactly what determines how we behave when we are supposed be our truest most intimate most vulnerable selves.
If we are not in touch with ourselves when we are not being intimate then getting in touch with ourselves and what we really are, our secret desires, when we are intimate with the other person is twice as hard, doesn’t happen, therefore we don’t learn about ourselves and our bodies and again it doesn’t help us get to know ourselves.

Hence for most people sex has to stay a pure physical stimulation because they are so self unaware they cannot begin to use and explore their mind or the imagination. I think while the clit is very important, it is not the whole woman. Men have to be interested in their woman and not the centerfold woman. Once they are interested in that particular woman, their woman, and every square millimeter of HER how can the exploration part be a problem. Plus the eastern philosophies on sex are far more illuminating. For the key to all knowledge is self knowledge. Lol.


It’s the effects of the message that matter and not the message

Mindlessly watching the media is meaningless. Being able to recognizing it for what it is, is something entirely different. Pattern recognition. It’s not the message itself that matters. It is the consequences of the message’s effect on the viewers’ actions. It is the viewers’ actions as a response to the message that transform  the world and fill the speaker’s pocket. It is easy to comprehend the message. What is infinitely harder to do is interpret the what the individual actions will amount to and how once they have multiplied, how that group action is going to affect and therefore bring about change, transform the world.

Madonna and The Revolution

Madonna has been defined as the epitome of the corporate world, money and Hollywood, however her latest message deserves a credit. Has she realized what her life has been about. Has she realized the price of her success. Perhaps. One has to give credit where credit is due. She might be deemed insane and might not work again. Maybe she does not care and that’s why she can do it. Maybe she does not want to use the system any more. Maybe she’s made enough money and now she can criticize it. Maybe that’s why some of you will call her a hypocrite. Or is she using new cultural trends to create a new form of marketing message that will appeal to young people.

Perhaps Madonna is much smarter than we think and realizes that the latest generation is made up of screen addicted youth, too lazy to do anything, let alone start a revolution. Maybe that’s why she did it. Maybe she is convinced it will never happen and that her fans therefore her target audience are no longer stage crazed American and European teens who like to follow her colorful fashion statements. Has she realized they are a world wide network of computer geeks who are never going to leave their rooms. Or, that the revolution will happen only in the cyber space but nowhere else because humans are too lazy. Like so many fake new revolutionary peace lovers and activists have realized. The ones flooding the youtube and other platforms with their fake channels. Desperate to get enough views to make a profit so they don’t have to leave their social circles and zones of comfort and interact with the real people and experience the real world.

Or, is she just a crazy old celebrity seeking attention. I don’t know. Nevertheless, I am glad she did it. Maybe it’s time to start creating meaningful content, instead of useless Hollywood shit that is not brave enough to say anything, and that so many young people aspire to create. I hope her video will inspire us, filmmakers and story tellers, to do just that. And, after all, some of us are ready to act. Therefore, Madonna, thank you for The Revolution.

Artifcial intelligence

I think that the AI self awareness is not achievable in the foreseeable future. The speed and nature of data processing and collection are used as an indicator of how close the AI is to becoming self aware. Unfortunately, the speed of data collection and the nature of its processing has nothing to do with self awareness. Even self learning is nowhere near self awareness. Self awareness requires processes that have nothing to do with data creation and recognition, storage and so on. Self awareness is such a complicated process that when computer geeks, and I am a geek too, talk about it they demonstrate that they don’t know enough about psychology to understand the fundamentals of the term self awareness. It means that one’s brain begins to distinguish parts of its body as separate from its own mind and as separate from the environment around it. This process is so complicated and has nothing to do with the speed of data processing. Computers would have to be designed purely in order to achieve that and nothing else. Self awareness cannot occur as a side effect, just because computers are getting faster and capable of receiving multiple inputs and so on does not mean that they will become self aware. Self awareness is so complicated that one could state that when it comes to biological beings it has always been there but our level of awareness has changed. I think that the sci fi genre has simplified the process. What I am trying to say is that if you want to achieve a form of self awareness within an AI you would have to begin by designing a computer whose nervous system is designed to acquire self awareness. I guess I am saying it is not something that can happen if the organism is not predestined or predesigned for it. I guess it’s like expecting that just because you are making a faster and better bike that one day bicycles will become self aware. That is not possible. Certain components would need to be built into the computer system and those components would need to have certain properties that would enable them to collaborate with other components in order to make sense of each other in order to begin to make sense of any external sources of stimulation. But the ability to make sense would be a beginning. To be able to communicate all that would require another level of awareness. One has to become aware of what one is in order to communicate. In other words one would have to recognize oneself as a computer and recognize and learn about the world in which it exists in order to decode it and then construct a language and then express itself and then learn to make sense of any feedback.


I sincerely believe that most reporters, executives, broadcasters and, sadly, their target audiences are not realizing that Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, and her style of presentation are redefining the role of the media, the future of the media, and the meaning of the term ‘global consciousness’. A new form of news presentation is here. It is so new, so fresh, and so powerful, it’s blinding. Most viewers are having trouble looking at it and accepting it for what it is. Most viewers are having trouble dealing with so much truth because most viewers know that the need for the truth is created by their refusal to seek it. Nevertheless, one thing is undeniable, when you compare Breaking the Set to any corporate news program on the planet, well, they seem so insipid, tasteless, manipulative, and insufficient, one can tell they can do no more than serve as an ancient reminder of how not to report, how not to craft a story, and how not to relate to fellow human beings, that is, your target audiences. The truth, as much as you might dislike it, is the only thing you need. Nobody knows it better and nobody serves it better than RT’s Breaking the Set with Abby Martin. Try it and you’ll see.

Changing people without forcing them to change

I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that we who perceive ourselves as ‘more aware’ or ‘more in touch with ourselves’ must not force ‘our way’ and must not force ‘the truth’ upon those whom we perceive as ‘less aware’. I think that we can be far more effective in spreading the truth and increasing individuals’ awareness if we demonstrate the extent to which they are being controlled, and how and why they are being controlled, and how and why their decisions are not their own decisions. I think this is something that Breaking the Set does so well. Unfortunately, many activists can be forceful and impatient. When people begin to realize the extent to which the structure of their daily lives is dictated by the demands of the economic system they will begin to see why their patterned and therefore meaningless behavior is the source of their unhappiness. It is impossible for people to accept something as the truth without internalizing it and realizing and experiencing its effects. Therefore, in a sense, we must accept that we cannot change people, we can introduce them to the reason why they should examine their decisions and actions. If we try to force them, they will refuse it, and that is worse.

Constructing our own meaning

One of the main problems is that most of us cannot accept how insignificant we are to the power elite therefore we refuse to accept the truth. Most of us choose to derive our meaning from whatever the power elite offers, because we are not strong enough to rebel. We mean nothing to the power elite. Nothing. To them, we are expendable and unimportant tools. The truly wealthy view the members of the under and working classes as a subhuman species. They forget, so appropriately, that those people are creating their wealth. Like I keep saying, if there were no wealthy individuals there would be no poor individuals because the process of creating ‘wealth’ is the process of creating ‘poverty’ because it is the unrewarded effort of the poor that creates the wealth of the wealthy. Until people accept that this is the same process nothing will change. Why aren’t more people trying to change the world. It feels better to aspire to become wealthy, greedy and affluent and work towards that particular ‘noble’ goal than it does to aspire to become poor and try to help everyone else except yourself.

We haven’t been taught how to realize our own meaning and how to construct that meaning once we have realized what it is. That’s why we do everything we do. Everything we do is external. Everything we believe we need to survive or enjoy life is physical. It’s as if though we are completely disconnected from our own mind.

Knowing why we think we need to do certain things is more imporant than doing them

Most of us ignore the truth and what we know we are because our ability to sustain ourselves depends on the extent to which we are willing to participate in the economic system. The meaningless system we have developed and which exploits fellow human beings’ efforts. We were not aware of its meaningless at the time of its creation. Today we are aware of its meaninglessness but we are so convinced we need it, we are certain that acknowledging its meaningless would destroy us. We continue to bleed and suffer yet we continue to suppress our humanity just so we could survive but in the process to survive means less and less for we continue to lose our humanity. With every compromise, with every action of ignorance, with every attempt to get better jobs we improve our physical and technological existence but fail to realize why it is important to do so, why we exist and why we are willing to hate and torture one another. So we continue to lose our humanity. In fact we have lost so much of our humanity that we have convinced ourselves that it is not important to wonder why we are here. That it’s only important to survive. It becomes easier and easier to mistreat, abuse and kill fellow human beings. If we continue to perpetuate our current economic system it will continue to be easier and easier to mistreat, abuse and kill fellow human beings because the natural resources will continue to decrease and only the strongest and best equipped will be able to survive, by eliminating the weak and compassionate. Despite our physical appearance our emotional and psychological being will continue to deteriorate and revert to the primitive and violent state until we until we bring ourselves to the edge of self destruction and realize that our individual actions are meaningless unless they are designed to help fellow human beings or until we accept that we have turned ourselves into intelligent monsters because we were too afraid to acknowledge that our fear of death, of meaningless and of one another is a problem we do not know how to solve. Perhaps it is already too late for with every action that ignores the truth we continue to confirm that yes we are the intelligent but ignorant monsters that would rather destroy fellow human beings than consider the nature of their own actions.

We need to replace the fundamental ideologies that govern our society. Instead of teaching children about military and its history, we need to teach them about compassion and its history. Instead of teaching them about religions and nationalities we need to teach them about universality, uniqueness and diversity. Instead of teaching children about borders and weapons we need to teach them about weapons of peace and a borderless world. How can we expect to create different leaders if they are educated in the same educational system that does nothing to improve their understanding of their own mind and its ability to love. With every action and every thought, when it seems impossibly hard, we need to make people aware of our and their ability to love and not of the ability to fear and hate. It is our current system’s ability to use individuals’ hate to turn us against one another that is enabling its leaders to control us. Nothing else. We control one another because we fear one another and hate one another therefore we cannot trust one another therefore we have to control one another. Therefore we continue to design technologies with which to control one another and we continue to use them in order to control one anther. We must overcome this fear because it is the only thing that can enable us to end it. There is no internal source that can be activated on a global scale and that would instigate a global realization of how crucial peace and love are. The process, the ability to love oneself and others, can be taught, but it cannot be taught without fearless demonstrations of our ability to love ourselves and all beings, fearlessly, despite endless fears. Peace and love people.

The defining features of the modern male and his relationship with himself and the world

This is a personal thought and an early draft of an article for a local paper. I am posting it here and elsewhere because I hope it will help other men get in touch with themselves. I am writing this as an insider. Meaning I am a masculine male man and when I criticize masculine male men I criticize myself. Every day I examine my conflicts with the world and with myself and I trace them back to the sources of my fears, desires and anxieties because while I can perceive how my conflicts limit my ability to love all people I have trouble determining what in me created the conflicts. Things like I am about to write here.

Men, most men, I am not making a general statement, I really mean it, most men, if not all men, never completely mature. Most men never mature because they never get in touch with their inner selves. They never get in touch with their inner selves because their fathers and mothers do not teach them how to distinguish between masculinity and being a male. Their parents cannot teach them because their parents never taught them. Ad infinitum.

Most parents do not teach their male children that being ‘a male’ is something they are and not something they need to become. I have come to realize that men are not taught how to perceive the difference between BEING A MALE, that which they are by default, and FEELING THE NEED TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE A MALE INDIVIDUAL. It is because the realization or the distinction that they are two different things does not exist within their mind that they continue to feel the need to prove and preserve their masculinity. In other words, men do not understand that being ‘a male’ and ‘masculinity’ are two different things because they have not been taught that masculinity cannot be reduced or removed from the term ‘male’. Furthermore, this means that they fail to realize that while they are two separate things both of them are contained within the physiological and ideological construct that we refer to as a male or a man. Men are not taught and then assured that being a male is a state that cannot be altered. Instead, men are encouraged to continue to reaffirm their masculinity. This is unintentional.

The need to continue to perpetuate ‘MASCULINITY’ becomes a source of conflict because it requires men to dedicate significant amounts of time and resources to the task. Their seemingly ‘natural’ (because it’s encouragement by the parents and assumed to be natural and necessary) dedication to preserving their masculinity means they can dedicate less time to other relationships (with themselves, other men, the world, and women of course). This particular tendency (dedication to work and any actions that reinforce the physiological and ideological construct known as masculinity) creates conflicts between men and other men, between men and women, and conflicts between men and the environment. Why?

I think that men’s failure to realize that masculinity cannot be removed is one of the main reasons why men want power, control, money, weapons, toys, drugs, and multiple women. This is a sweeping generalization. Men’s desires are influenced by many different things. Men, like women, are complicated. I understand that. However, I still think that men’s complete unawareness of the difference between being ‘a male’ and ‘masculinity’ and the fact that masculinity is contained within the term ‘male’ and the position of the ego in relation to the other two is the perpetual and defining feature or perhaps one of the most important source of the male drive. The male drive that creates the male character.

Men have to prove their masculinity through every action. When they get home it has to be acknowledged that the man is home, when they are camping they have to drink and fire up the barbeque, when they are with their children they cannot let go and make a fool of themselves or cry or really and truly level with their children, when they are in a group, when they are driving, they have to be in charge of every situation. In any situation, public or private, as an individual or as a group. The problem is that men cannot realize that their desire to be in charge of every situation (because it feels natural to be in charge, because they misunderstand the term ‘masculinity’ and how it relates to being ‘a male’) cannot be used as an argument to justify that desire to be in charge. This creates conflicts because men fail to realize that no situation really and truly requires a ‘masculine male’ approach.
Pure logic now, a set of circumstances, no matter how complex or how simple, how physically or intellectually demanding, cannot dictate the gender of the individual that needs to deal with that set of circumstances. The belief that a masculine approach is required is an imaginary concept. No tree in the world can demand to be cut by a male hand. Not today not in the past, ad infinitum, in perpetuity. Thus the first tree ever cut by a human being’s hand had no way to demand that it be cut by a male or a female hand. Furthermore, the next tree that was cut had no preference either. No car can demand to be repaired by a male hand. Men have been performing those actions because of our primitive understanding of ourselves and the physical properties of our bodies. An understanding that has to change. The environment is neutral. It is our perception of it that helps design our actions that become accepted behaviors that become social norms that the uninformed assume to be ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ desires and behaviors.

The ego plus the need to reinforce masculinity kick in and prevent men from being true human beings they are, we are. And this affects our relationships with women. We cannot be ourselves. We have to be masculine. Many men cannot talk or kiss or make love, or experience true emotions. They have to be in control, they have to be in charge. They believe they always have to do something to somebody because they have not been assured, during the critical stages of their lives that not doing something to somebody but just experiencing the feelings of the situation would not reduce or destroy their masculinity. Thus, they, we, cannot truly and completely surrender ourselves to the moment, to the experience. We have to control the moment. We have to control the experience. We monitor the situation and wonder if we are adequate rather than surrender and trust that we will do the right thing. That we will be enough. This is why it is very hard for men to allow themselves to be loved and to be vulnerable and therefore to care about love and to care about the importance of being loved. We do not experience what it means ‘to be loved’ because we try to control it.

It is because men are so focused on the need to preserve the masculine dimension of their character that their relationships with women are so difficult to maintain. Furthermore, women expect this kind of behavior because it has been taking place for tens of thousands of years. As a result women have to fight for attention and for love and it is why they believe that they need to be the main thing in their men’s lives. Unless women know they are the main thing they know the man is going to go on and do his male stuff. The actions that reinforce the notions of masculinity.

He is going to do whatever he can, without thinking about it, to maintain his masculinity. Work on a car, cut trees, whatever. The problem is that they are learned behaviors. They are habitual behaviors. They are habits. But they can be changed. They are not natural. But they seem natural. They are not necessary but they seem necessary because men have no assurance that their masculinity will not vanish without a trace if they stop doing them.
Women are right when they demand men’s full attention because most men do behave that way. To complicate things further, women have to talk and women love to talk. They have to talk and they love to talk because they feel more. They feel more because their feelings are closer to the surface. Their feelings are closer to the surface because they are more in touch with their inner selves. They more in touch with their inner self because of their physiological and psychological design. Childbearing requirements and so on. A different subject.

But simply, women’s way of thinking indicates a greater degree of awareness that that their femininity is not at stake and that nothing can remove it.

It is because women are so in touch with themselves that for women sexuality is beyond physical. Their mind, unlike ours (male), uses concepts that are less concrete. Ideas and feelings vs. practical solutions and hardware. In other words women require constant communication, ongoing feelings of care, sharing and consideration. Stimulation of a wide range of feelings and areas of the mind and body. Their notions and definitions of the world cannot be as concrete as those of men because they are not built using concrete concepts (the concrete concepts required to reinforce ‘masculinity’). It is not a about a brief ‘foreplay’. It is why women never stop asking questions and never stop feeling the need to grow closer and closer and closer. The problem is that men, we, we cannot comprehend how it is possible that women cannot stop to asking questions and expanding the non physical worlds and relationships with men and other women. I was wondering the same thing until this very realization that I am expressing here and now occurred to me, informed by many books, etc. Women’s perception of reality is not as concrete as men’s perception of reality therefore women can experience more sensual feelings because they do not feel the need to control every situation precisely because the nature of their perception does not necessarily imply that the situation needs to be solved in practical terms and right away. Women need an ongoing flow of the sensual feelings. But when it does not happen women have to fight for it and ask for it, which is most of the time. It is most of the time because men are not in touch with themselves (most of the time) because they cannot control the habit that exists as an unperceived subconscious need to keep reaffirm their masculinity. They cannot do it because they are not aware of it because they have not been taught how to become aware of it.

In other words men are not taught how to share their feelings, how to explore their emotions and imagination, and how to share their findings with other men, women and the world, because they would jeopardize their ability to reinforce their masculinity. Something that women do by default.

Therefore, women have to keep asking for attention (meaning care, communication, dedication) and men keep refusing to give it because they fear, we fear, I did, it would reduce the amount of time they could dedicate to their male stuff. Less time to reinforce their masculinity. This kind of gender relationship helps perpetuate the male female conflict. It is important to note that I do understand that the above mentioned processes are perceived as habitual behaviors, instincts, and normal desires but that I do understand that they vary in complexity and weather they are subconscious and internalized. Therefore hard for us to control. Yet another topic.

A significant new problem has occurred because of the above mentioned misunderstanding. Men’s misunderstanding of the term feminism. Women do not want to be more like men. What an incredible misunderstanding. A typical male reaction designed to reinforce masculinity, because it places no demands on men to question the need to reinforce masculinity. Continue along, like nothing is happening by jumping to the most obvious conclusion that would not jeopardize our existing masculine definition of ourselves.

Women want men to show more respect for their femininity by acknowledging that it is important. Women want men to realize that being a woman is just as important as being a man. Furthermore, and more importantly, women want men to realize that acknowledging that femininity is important is not going to affect their masculinity and is not an attempt to sabotage their masculinity.

Women want men to recognize that femininity is as important as masculinity and that discussing it and accepting it and allowing it to influence men’s priorities would not reduce their masculinity. I repeat, women do not want to be more like men.

And we need to accept this, because, after all, nothing can reduce our masculinity, because it is within us, it is what we are. To refer to some Chinese symbolism, if you are ‘water’ you are going to be able to ‘flow’ and you are going to be ‘damp’ no matter where you are because they are your natural properties. You will not become a more ‘watery’ mass of water if you ‘flow’ faster or if you are a larger ‘puddle’. You are what you are. A drop, a river, or an ocean. You are water. There is no difference.

Thus if we focus on experiencing the environments and people we love then we can being to distance ourselves from the individuals and from the thinking that are forcing us to disconnect from ourselves and the people and environments we love in order to prove that we are something we should know we are by default and that it is something that cannot be taken away from us, masculine men. And in the process we would give them, other men, our friends, more time to focus on themselves and their families. And finally we would make personal discoveries that would enrich our lives and gives us something healthier, more positive and more meaningful to discuss. Needless to say, it starts with an open mind and plenty of fear. So much fear that most men never attempt it. You ‘man enough’ to try to grow and change?

Why peacful activism is not terrorism

The question is how are we going to respond to the FBI’s letter and the police force’s fear of activists. I have written the following open letter/speech which makes it clear that our intentions will remain peaceful and loving. I urge all to refrain from using hateful words and actions. Feel free to share this or send to anyone.


We, the people who promote peace, love and unity are addressing  you the individual police officer. We are addressing you in our thoughts, in our speech, in our writing, and through our actions, for you are our fellow human being, and, for YOU are the building block of our oppression. Nevertheless, we would like to make it clear that we refuse to view or treat the individual police officer as an opposing force because that is precisely what the government wants us to do. The government wants us to identify ourselves by encouraging us to express our hate. They want us to sabotage our own efforts to unite in peace by talking about our hate for the police force that is you that is our very own selves, by writing about our hate for the police force that is you that is our very own selves, by encouraging us to perform actions of hate that would be directed against the police force that is you that is our very own selves. It is because of their intent to provoke us that we must make it clear, now more than ever before, that we do not hate the police force and that we do not fear the police force and that we do not oppose the police force. We do not hate, fear, or oppose any one or any thing because we do not care about power, because we care about unity and peace. THAT is the reason why we cannot be controlled and THAT is the reason why you fellow police officer and you fellow data collection officer have been ordered to silence us, to oppress us, to control us. NO, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS, BUT BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO PERPETUATE THE AGENDA THAT PROMOTES GREED, INEQUALITY AND FEAR, BECAUSE WE LOVE EVERY ONE AND EVERY THING, INCLUDING EVERY ONE OF YOU. THE QUESTION MY FELLOW HUMAN BEING, YES YOU MY FELLOW POLICE OFFICER AND YOU MY FELLOW DATA COLLECTION OFFICER, IS WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO PROMOTE PEACE, LOVE AND EQUALITY. What are you going to do about the fact that we do not hate you, do not fear you, do not want to control you. IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO. CALL US A TERRORIST AND CONTROL US, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU, BECAUSE WE DO NOT HATE YOU, BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT TO CONTROL YOU. My dear fellow human being, my dear fellow police officer and my dear fellow data collection officer, I love you, I love you very much, as much as I love myself, for you are my fellow human being and an extension of myself, however, I have to ask you to ask yourself ‘who is really terrorizing whom and for what reason’. I love you and that is why I do not fear you, and that is why I do not hate you, and that is why I do not want to control you. Can you say the same, can you think the same, can you feel the same.