People don’t matter. We don’t matter. We are no more than cogwheels. Necessary but replaceable. Most have submitted to the system. Actually, it’s not that they have submitted to it, they are born and exist within the same social class, within the same circles, never leaving, never wondering. Thus never realizing that there are other possibilities. Forever submitted to and controlled by its ideology of ‘no ideology’. They know they are here for a brief moment, they settle for whatever they can, and then they disappear in a blaze of self destruction (often drug induced self destruction). Rich or poor. Without ever approaching any moments of clarity.

The rich sniff expensive synthetic drugs in silk padded five star suites of the world’s most expensive hotels. They drive Ferraris, cruise in personal jets and ultra comfortable yachts. But they go out without ever getting to know themselves let alone their families. The loneliness they are trying to get away from by creating their empires destroys their minds and their hearts. And the poor, they go out the same way, only in a cheaper way, and hoping they will get richer and get killed by that better drug, buy that bigger car. Indeed, ultimately, those in power will kill not only all of us but themselves too, before relinquishing the system to The People’s Philosophy. The philosophy offered by the few truly awake individuals.

Such is the power of the infinite ignorance created by the misunderstood anxieties caused by the human condition, known as the consciousness. Our awareness of life means awareness of its unpredictability and awareness and fear of others. To the uninformed the only way to remove those permanent sources of anxiety is by controlling the others and the environment. Unfortunately the ones who are doing that, the power elite, are failing to realize that no action directed at other people and environments can make their internal anxieties disappear. Until they change their mind the fear will continue to exist. The fear of others, the fear they are being judged, the fear they are not good enough, the fear they are not rich enough.

Thus they fail to realize that no amount of control, no amount of spying, no amount of privacy invasion will be enough. It cannot be enough because by improving our sciences and technologies we are discovering new unknowns, new sources of danger, new sources of anxiety, new dimensions of thinking, new possibilities. Thus instead of enjoying our new scientific and technological discoveries and using them to help the poor and hungry we use them to control the threats introduced by their very own introduction. We create the internet because we want people to interact but then don’t want people to share whatever they want to share . ‘We’ decided it’s useful to build nuclear weapons but forget that they could be used against ‘us’ (whoever us and we are). We are creating new sources of threat and then trying to neutralize them because we don’t trust our very own selves with the very technology we designed. Oh the ignorance of the ape like instinct. The paradox of the intelligent ignorance.

We are no longer existing. No longer happy. We are creating generations without any memories of happiness. For we are not focused on existing. We are so scared of the pure, relaxed, uninhibited, unsupervised, unobserved existence that our existence is purely about controlling ourselves and others. Primarily because we continue to invest in and create technologies that can improve current technologies. We do nothing to create technologies that can improve our minds and our perceptions of humanity. In particular our sense of empathy. Thus any new technologies will continue to support our fears and will be extensions of our neurotic, unstable psyches. We need to invest in psychology, arts, and social sciences. Not banks, weapons, social network websites, space programs. We’ve got enough technology to solve all of our problems but we cannot solve them because we are not using that technology to improve our minds. We are using it to create more technology. Technology we don’t know how to use to help ourselves. If we don’t know how to use current technology to improve how we behave and communicate how can we think that any new technology we build tomorrow is going to be more useful. It won’t be because it won’t be designed to help us get to know ourselves. It will be designed to improve the technology we are misusing today.


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