I think that the AI self awareness is not achievable in the foreseeable future. The speed and nature of data processing and collection are used as an indicator of how close the AI is to becoming self aware. Unfortunately, the speed of data collection and the nature of its processing has nothing to do with self awareness. Even self learning is nowhere near self awareness. Self awareness requires processes that have nothing to do with data creation and recognition, storage and so on. Self awareness is such a complicated process that when computer geeks, and I am a geek too, talk about it they demonstrate that they don’t know enough about psychology to understand the fundamentals of the term self awareness. It means that one’s brain begins to distinguish parts of its body as separate from its own mind and as separate from the environment around it. This process is so complicated and has nothing to do with the speed of data processing. Computers would have to be designed purely in order to achieve that and nothing else. Self awareness cannot occur as a side effect, just because computers are getting faster and capable of receiving multiple inputs and so on does not mean that they will become self aware. Self awareness is so complicated that one could state that when it comes to biological beings it has always been there but our level of awareness has changed. I think that the sci fi genre has simplified the process. What I am trying to say is that if you want to achieve a form of self awareness within an AI you would have to begin by designing a computer whose nervous system is designed to acquire self awareness. I guess I am saying it is not something that can happen if the organism is not predestined or predesigned for it. I guess it’s like expecting that just because you are making a faster and better bike that one day bicycles will become self aware. That is not possible. Certain components would need to be built into the computer system and those components would need to have certain properties that would enable them to collaborate with other components in order to make sense of each other in order to begin to make sense of any external sources of stimulation. But the ability to make sense would be a beginning. To be able to communicate all that would require another level of awareness. One has to become aware of what one is in order to communicate. In other words one would have to recognize oneself as a computer and recognize and learn about the world in which it exists in order to decode it and then construct a language and then express itself and then learn to make sense of any feedback.


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