I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that we who perceive ourselves as ‘more aware’ or ‘more in touch with ourselves’ must not force ‘our way’ and must not force ‘the truth’ upon those whom we perceive as ‘less aware’. I think that we can be far more effective in spreading the truth and increasing individuals’ awareness if we demonstrate the extent to which they are being controlled, and how and why they are being controlled, and how and why their decisions are not their own decisions. I think this is something that Breaking the Set does so well. Unfortunately, many activists can be forceful and impatient. When people begin to realize the extent to which the structure of their daily lives is dictated by the demands of the economic system they will begin to see why their patterned and therefore meaningless behavior is the source of their unhappiness. It is impossible for people to accept something as the truth without internalizing it and realizing and experiencing its effects. Therefore, in a sense, we must accept that we cannot change people, we can introduce them to the reason why they should examine their decisions and actions. If we try to force them, they will refuse it, and that is worse.


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