One of the main problems is that most of us cannot accept how insignificant we are to the power elite therefore we refuse to accept the truth. Most of us choose to derive our meaning from whatever the power elite offers, because we are not strong enough to rebel. We mean nothing to the power elite. Nothing. To them, we are expendable and unimportant tools. The truly wealthy view the members of the under and working classes as a subhuman species. They forget, so appropriately, that those people are creating their wealth. Like I keep saying, if there were no wealthy individuals there would be no poor individuals because the process of creating ‘wealth’ is the process of creating ‘poverty’ because it is the unrewarded effort of the poor that creates the wealth of the wealthy. Until people accept that this is the same process nothing will change. Why aren’t more people trying to change the world. It feels better to aspire to become wealthy, greedy and affluent and work towards that particular ‘noble’ goal than it does to aspire to become poor and try to help everyone else except yourself.

We haven’t been taught how to realize our own meaning and how to construct that meaning once we have realized what it is. That’s why we do everything we do. Everything we do is external. Everything we believe we need to survive or enjoy life is physical. It’s as if though we are completely disconnected from our own mind.


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