Most of us ignore the truth and what we know we are because our ability to sustain ourselves depends on the extent to which we are willing to participate in the economic system. The meaningless system we have developed and which exploits fellow human beings’ efforts. We were not aware of its meaningless at the time of its creation. Today we are aware of its meaninglessness but we are so convinced we need it, we are certain that acknowledging its meaningless would destroy us. We continue to bleed and suffer yet we continue to suppress our humanity just so we could survive but in the process to survive means less and less for we continue to lose our humanity. With every compromise, with every action of ignorance, with every attempt to get better jobs we improve our physical and technological existence but fail to realize why it is important to do so, why we exist and why we are willing to hate and torture one another. So we continue to lose our humanity. In fact we have lost so much of our humanity that we have convinced ourselves that it is not important to wonder why we are here. That it’s only important to survive. It becomes easier and easier to mistreat, abuse and kill fellow human beings. If we continue to perpetuate our current economic system it will continue to be easier and easier to mistreat, abuse and kill fellow human beings because the natural resources will continue to decrease and only the strongest and best equipped will be able to survive, by eliminating the weak and compassionate. Despite our physical appearance our emotional and psychological being will continue to deteriorate and revert to the primitive and violent state until we until we bring ourselves to the edge of self destruction and realize that our individual actions are meaningless unless they are designed to help fellow human beings or until we accept that we have turned ourselves into intelligent monsters because we were too afraid to acknowledge that our fear of death, of meaningless and of one another is a problem we do not know how to solve. Perhaps it is already too late for with every action that ignores the truth we continue to confirm that yes we are the intelligent but ignorant monsters that would rather destroy fellow human beings than consider the nature of their own actions.

We need to replace the fundamental ideologies that govern our society. Instead of teaching children about military and its history, we need to teach them about compassion and its history. Instead of teaching them about religions and nationalities we need to teach them about universality, uniqueness and diversity. Instead of teaching children about borders and weapons we need to teach them about weapons of peace and a borderless world. How can we expect to create different leaders if they are educated in the same educational system that does nothing to improve their understanding of their own mind and its ability to love. With every action and every thought, when it seems impossibly hard, we need to make people aware of our and their ability to love and not of the ability to fear and hate. It is our current system’s ability to use individuals’ hate to turn us against one another that is enabling its leaders to control us. Nothing else. We control one another because we fear one another and hate one another therefore we cannot trust one another therefore we have to control one another. Therefore we continue to design technologies with which to control one another and we continue to use them in order to control one anther. We must overcome this fear because it is the only thing that can enable us to end it. There is no internal source that can be activated on a global scale and that would instigate a global realization of how crucial peace and love are. The process, the ability to love oneself and others, can be taught, but it cannot be taught without fearless demonstrations of our ability to love ourselves and all beings, fearlessly, despite endless fears. Peace and love people.


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