I sincerely believe that most reporters, executives, broadcasters and, sadly, their target audiences are not realizing that Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, and her style of presentation are redefining the role of the media, the future of the media, and the meaning of the term ‘global consciousness’. A new form of news presentation is here. It is so new, so fresh, and so powerful, it’s blinding. Most viewers are having trouble looking at it and accepting it for what it is. Most viewers are having trouble dealing with so much truth because most viewers know that the need for the truth is created by their refusal to seek it. Nevertheless, one thing is undeniable, when you compare Breaking the Set to any corporate news program on the planet, well, they seem so insipid, tasteless, manipulative, and insufficient, one can tell they can do no more than serve as an ancient reminder of how not to report, how not to craft a story, and how not to relate to fellow human beings, that is, your target audiences. The truth, as much as you might dislike it, is the only thing you need. Nobody knows it better and nobody serves it better than RT’s Breaking the Set with Abby Martin. Try it and you’ll see.


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