Madonna has been defined as the epitome of the corporate world, money and Hollywood, however her latest message deserves a credit. Has she realized what her life has been about. Has she realized the price of her success. Perhaps. One has to give credit where credit is due. She might be deemed insane and might not work again. Maybe she does not care and that’s why she can do it. Maybe she does not want to use the system any more. Maybe she’s made enough money and now she can criticize it. Maybe that’s why some of you will call her a hypocrite. Or is she using new cultural trends to create a new form of marketing message that will appeal to young people.

Perhaps Madonna is much smarter than we think and realizes that the latest generation is made up of screen addicted youth, too lazy to do anything, let alone start a revolution. Maybe that’s why she did it. Maybe she is convinced it will never happen and that her fans therefore her target audience are no longer stage crazed American and European teens who like to follow her colorful fashion statements. Has she realized they are a world wide network of computer geeks who are never going to leave their rooms. Or, that the revolution will happen only in the cyber space but nowhere else because humans are too lazy. Like so many fake new revolutionary peace lovers and activists have realized. The ones flooding the youtube and other platforms with their fake channels. Desperate to get enough views to make a profit so they don’t have to leave their social circles and zones of comfort and interact with the real people and experience the real world.

Or, is she just a crazy old celebrity seeking attention. I don’t know. Nevertheless, I am glad she did it. Maybe it’s time to start creating meaningful content, instead of useless Hollywood shit that is not brave enough to say anything, and that so many young people aspire to create. I hope her video will inspire us, filmmakers and story tellers, to do just that. And, after all, some of us are ready to act. Therefore, Madonna, thank you for The Revolution.


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